Read aloud tips tricks get 79+ PTE speaking score

Read aloud tips tricks get 79+ PTE speaking score

Read aloud tips tricks get 79+ PTE speaking score

Today, I am going to share with you Read aloud tips tricks get 79+ PTE speaking score. Read aloud is topic of speaking which comes first from all in exam. In this, you will be given 40 seconds to prepare a paragraph. After that, you have to speak it fluently, as clearly as possible in 40 seconds. Eight paragraphs of PTE will come in your exam. It tests your speaking as well as reading score. At below, I will discuss with you how read aloud awards us speaking score and reading score and how can we get full marks in it?

Read aloud gives you score of speaking and reading according to performance. Your performance of fluency and pronunciation give you speaking score. Reading score will be awarded to you according to how much words you speak same as given in the paragraph. Read aloud has huge marks of speaking and Reading. It has 22 marks of speaking and 22 marks of Reading. So, by using some tips and tricks, you can easily get full marks of speaking as well as Reading. To get higher marks in Read aloud, you have to use these tips:

  1. Read the paragraph carefully. Go through from the sentence lengths.
  2. Be aware about full stops, commas, and highlighted words for your speaking sounding.
  3. Find out the words which are difficult for you to speak. Try to make its pronunciation correct while in preparation time. If you realize that it will demolish your fluency base, then replace it with another word. By doing it, you will loose your 1 mark of reading. But by doing it, you will save your speaking marks which will be beneficial for you.
  4. While recording, speak fluently, as clearly as possible you can. Don’t let your wrong pronunciation loose your fluency score. Because fluency score is more important than scores of pronunciation.
  5. Try to speak the whole paragraphs within 20 seconds. Because according to PTE, a native speaker can easily speak the each paragraph in less than 20 seconds which is given in PTE.

Read aloud tips tricks get 79+ PTE speaking score

Practice for Fluency- To make your speaking good for Read aloud. You need to practice on your fluency and pronunciation separately. While practicing on fluency, you need to read the paragraph aloud, as fast as you can. Because it will improve you stamina, consciousness, the speed to complete the paragraph within 20 seconds.

Practice for Pronunciation- To make your pronunciation good, you need to speak slowly. You should try to open your mouth more so that you can pronounce every word easily. Because some words of English need certain force to pronounce accurately. So, while practicing for pronunciation, you should read it carefully, with proper pronunciation, and try to find out which word’s pronunciation you are pronunciation wrong. You can get help of google voice recorder to find out your mistakes.

Here was my tips and way t o get full marks in Read aloud module which gives you Speaking and Reading score. If you have any question regarding it. Please write down in the comment section. We will be there for you shortly.

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