Advantage and disadvantage of two-exam system 105 give exams throughout the whole

Advantage and disadvantage of two-exam system 105

# Advantage and disadvantage of two-exam system 105

Write about the following topic: You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. You should write 200-300 words.

Some schools put all exams at the end of the year, while other schools give exams throughout the whole year. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two-exam system? Which one do you think is better?

Sample Answer 1

Nowadays, the challenge in finding the most suitable exam system has affected numerous controversies and drawn the attention of the public. It can be agreed that put all exams at the end of the year is a well practiced in many schools, while on the other hand stands a perspective that giving throughout the whole offer some other benefits. This essay will elaborate on both sides and thus lead to logical conclusions.

There are many advantages of the scheduled exam at end of the year and the most conspicuous one stems from the fact that students who are well versed in the entire course will be rewarded and those who fall behind could still have a chance to catch up. However, this system is not always supported. For example, some argue that cramming all exams at the end can only inflict unnecessary stress to the students. This argument, however, is only partially true. Such an exam format could bring forth an overwhelming amount of pressure and excitement, which is an epitome of what may real-world experiences are about. As a result, put all exams at the end of the year is undoubtedly positive for most peers.

Alternatively, the key justification for distributing exams throughout the whole year is that these exams are designed to effectively test students over specific topics, and the process from absorbing to assessing knowledge becomes a seamless learning experience despite its deceivingly fragmented approach. Nevertheless, there remain some disadvantages including the absence of intense pressure and more critically, abysmal chances for fall behind students to catch up.

In the light of the discussion above, it can be concluded that both exam systems are effective in their own right and school’s role in choosing best-suited exam system for a particular course should not be overlooked.

Sample Answer 2

Examination System for a child’s academic career education system plays an important role. There is a different way of studying and examination of every educational institution. The examination has become a way to judge the intelligence of students in this modern age. Some schools put all the exams at the end of the year while others put exams throughout the whole year. Both ways have their own merits and demerits that I will explain in the following essay with appropriate examples.

To begin with, if exams will be conducted at the end of the year then students will get enough time to cover up the whole lengthy syllabus. So that they can perform better during exams. On the other hand, if we see then this system has some demerits also i.e. students will not pay enough attention through the whole year. They will focus only when exams will be near that will caused to reduce the performance.

Furthermore, if the exams are conducted throughout the whole year then students will pay more attention to their study. And it will enhance the student’s performance. So, they will be always ready for any surprise tests also.¬†On the flip side, students feel the stress of exams if it will be through the whole year. They will get so much indulged in studies only and will fail in other activities.

To sum up the whole discussion above, we can say that both the examination systems have positive and negative aspects. We cannot say which way is best. Every educational institute has to choose the examination system as per their requirements for any particular course.

(Sonia Bajaj)

Sample Answer 3

Nowadays, two-way exam system becomes a controversial topic. Some schools put all exams at the end of the year while other schools give exams throughout the whole year. Both methods have some merits, along with some demerits. I firmly believe that this two-exam system has both positive and negative aspects according to their convenience. I will elaborate on my views in the forthcoming paragraphs with examples and lead to a probable conclusion.

To start with, Schools put all exams at the end of the year have a different viewpoint. According to this system, pupils have much more time to learn and practice things like practical experiments. They can understand every topic profoundly because of having a lot of time. However, it also affects negatively. Some scholars feel free and become lazy, which usually leads to failures. Because they think they have enough time to prepare for the exam, but not in reality. Thus, it can be said that put all papers at the end of the year is not good at all sides.

Secondly, schools give exams throughout the whole year have several aspects with benefits and faults as well. Multi-exams make students intelligent and quick to respond. It sharpens their mind because when the school held multi exams a year, so they have to prepare for all the time. On the flip side, it leads to more stress. Thus, students abilities get affected when imperiled to high-level stress. It is clear that how the load of multi exams harm student’s performance.

In conclusion, after inspection upon the above paragraphs, we can say, “Every rose has its thorns.” To put it briefly, we can conclude that both systems have thier significance, so it should be adapted according to the convenience of subject or course.

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