claim that animals have rights has been subject of much debate Essay 18

claim that animals have rights has been subject of much debate Essay 18

claim that animals have rights has been subject of much debate Essay 18

Essay 18

The claim that animal has rights has been the subject of much debate since 1970. Are zoos helping or hurting our animals? Should zoos be banned? Do you agree or disagree?


The role of zoos in conserving animals is widely debated, with many people claiming that zoos cannot be compared with the natural habitat that animal requires to thrive. In my opinion, this proposal merits serious consideration.

There is a myriad of arguments in favor of my opinion. The most conspicuous one is that zoos usually have limited space for the animal, which is rather accustomed to an open environment under the sky. Not only does this congested space that they are forced to live in hamper their normal movement, but it also keeps them from
interacting with another animal in their natural habitat in the forest. Needless to say, no matter how many facilities animals enjoy in captivity, this unnatural life in the cage cannot contribute to their effective nourishment whatsoever.

Besides, being superior to and more powerful than other animal, humans have no right to keep them captive, deteriorating the ecological balance enormously. Unlike that animal that lives in the jungle without any restriction and so enjoys a spontaneous life over there, animals in captivity are sadly deprived of their basic
rights, freedom is a pivotal one. Hence, it is apparent why many are against keeping animals in the zoo.

In view of the arguments outlined above, one can conclude that the drawbacks of the zoo are indeed too great to ignore.

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