Babe Ruth Plaza stadium Reorder Paragraphs 17

Babe Ruth Plaza stadium Reorder Paragraphs 17

Babe Ruth Plaza stadium Reorder Paragraphs 17

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. Baseball in Bronx

a) This was about the last few weeks, against the Twins and the Indians and the Astros.

b) This wasn’t about the last 100 years in baseball in the Bronx.

c) The best of it was walking out of the stadium that night with Yankees fans flooding out of the pace in this loud, exuberant wave, down the steps at Babe Ruth Plaza, everybody heading towards 161st St.

d) The parking lots and the subway station, yelling “Let’s Go Yankees” and “— Verlander,” meaning Justin Verlander, whom they kniw their team was going to be facing in Game 6.

Answers- c d b a


2. Rookie safety Jamal

a) We can’t really focus on how fans are feeling about us.

b) All we can do is put our head down and keep working.

c) “I understand the frustration at the organization as far as not seeing change quick, but it’s going to take time,” rookie safety Jamal Adams told the Daily News.

d) “Maybe it could come quicker than what’s expected, but all we can do is go out there, work hard, gel as a group and continue to make change.”

Answers- c d a b

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3. Leonard Williams

a) They understand that a franchise that has gone sideways for so long won’t magically transform into a dynasty.

b) They know that talent upgrades at several key positions and better depth are needed, but they aren’t blinded by mistakes from different decision makers.

c) The gloom-and-doom outlook seemingly cuts along generational lines.

d) Younger fans appear to be on board with a team that includes some promising young pieces such as Marcus. May be, Leonard Williams, Jordan Jenkins, Adams and others.

e) So, they’ve appreciated the steps taken so far by the guys in charge now.

Answers- c d  b a e

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