Beauty Contest Comparative Advantages Summary Written Text 9

Beauty Contest Comparative Advantages Summary Written Text 9

Beauty Contest Comparative Advantages Summary Written Text 9

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1.Beauty Contest

Since Australians Jennifer Hawkins and Lauren Eagle were crowned Miss Universe and Miss Teen International respectively, there has been a dramatic increase in interest in beauty pea gents in this country. These wins have also sparked a debate as to whether beauty pea gents are just harmless reminders of old-fashioned values or a throwback to the days when women were respected for how good they looked.

Opponents argue that beauty pea gents, whether it’s Miss Universe or Miss Teen International, are demeaning to women and out of sync with the times. They say they are nothing more than symbols of decline.

In the past few decades, Australia has taken more than a few faltering steps toward treating women with dignity and respect. Young women are being brought up knowing that they can do anything, as shown by inspiring role models in medicine such as 2003 Australian of the Year Professor Fiona Stanley.

In the 1960’s and 70’s, one of the first acts of the firmest movement was to picket beauty pageants on the premise that the industry promoted the view that it was acceptable to judges women on their appearance. Today many young Australian women are still profoundly uncomfortable with their body image, feeling under all kinds of pressures because they are judged by how they look.

Almost all of the pageant victors are wafer thin, reinforcing the message that thin equals beautiful. This ignores the fact that men and women come in all sizes and shapes. In a country where up to 60% of young women are on a diet at any one time and 70% of school girls say they want to lose weight, despite the fact that most have a normal B MI, such messages are profoundly hazardous to the mental health of young Australians.


Opponents to beauty pageants argue that it is demeaning to women and is a symbol of decline because in the past, Australian women were treated with dignity and respect, while beauty pageants, promoted from the 1960’s, seem to convey that women could be judged on their appearance.

Beauty Contest Beauty Contest

2. Comparative Advantages

With an abundance of low-priced labor relative to the United States, it is no surprise that China, India and other developing countries specialize in the production of labor-intensive products. For similar reasons, the United States will specialize in the production of goods that are human- and physical capital intensive because of the relative abundance of a highly-educated labor force an technically sophisticated equipment in the United States.

This division of global production should yield higher global output of both types of goods than would be the case if each country attempted to produce both of these goods itself. For example, the United states would produce more expensive labor-intensive goods because of its more expensive labor and the developing countries would produce more expensive human and physical capital intensive goods because of their relative scarcity of these inputs. This logic implies that the United States is unlikely to be a significant global competitor in the production green technologies that are not relatively intensive in human and physical capital.

Nevertheless, during the early stages of the development of a new technology, the United States has a comparative advantage in the production of the products enabled by this innovation. However, once these technologies become well-understood and production processes are designed that can make use of less-skilled labor, production will migrate to countries with less expensive labor.


Although some developing countries, such as China, become competent in the production green industries because they have a Comparative Advantages over the United States, in a producing labor intensive goods due to the relatively lower-priced labor, the United States still has a Comparative Advantages enabled by innovation in the production at the early stage of the development of a new technology.

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