The bickering has common trend among youngsters and married people

The bickering has common trend among youngsters and married people 72

The bickering has common trend among youngsters and married people

Nowadays, the bickering has common trend among youngsters and married people. This has led to polygamy and high divorce rates. Justify the response with your positive or negative views.

Marriage with more than one man or woman always remains a controversial topic. Many people believe that the bickering has become a common trend among youngsters and married couples which have directed to an increase in divorce rates. I firmly think that above given statement is correct and it shed large numbers of adverse effects on our society. This essay would further discuss all negative results with examples and thus lead to a plausible conclusion.

To start with, in my opinion, people do not prefer to living a happy life by indulging in multiple marriages. Multiple marriages create numbers of problems ultimately which produces disharmony in an individual’s life. For instance, it forms a type of jealousy between husbands or wives which generate many lousy feeling in a person’s mind. So, couples start abusing each other, creating conflicts, mismatch of thoughts between them which directly shed horrible impact on their relationship. Moreover, economic problems also occur due to the hike in the demands of partners. All of the above issues negatively affect their children as well.

Another central reason for high divorce rates is a lack of communication between couples. Nowadays, all the persons are busy with their schedule. They don’t even spend a complete one day in a week with their partners. Due to which, communicating problems occur which leads to increase conflicts. To illustrate, a study stated that a lot of men and women complained that emotional abuse is the main reason for getting a divorce.

In conclusion, after inspection upon further paragraphs, we can concede that many dilemmas associated with the polygamy. In a nutshell, it can be said that there are lots of reasons behind increasing high divorce rates and it negatively affects both male and female.

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