Bradley Mc Queary Schiano Reorder Paragraphs 16

Bradley Mc Queary Schiano Reorder Paragraphs 16

Bradley Mc Queary Schiano Reorder Paragraphs 16

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. Ried told slate

a) “That leaves a remaining, I guess, nine or so players who don’t protest who were in agreement with the proposal.”

b) “Based on my understanding, every player who was actually protesting [aside from Jenkins] was not in agreement [with] this proposal,” Reid told Slate.

c) While there have been reports that more than 40 players have been involved in Jenkins’ Players coalition, Reid says “that’s not accurate as it relates to this proposal.”

d) According to Reid, 17 players have participated in group chat discussions about the proposed deal, and not all of those players have been involved on every call in which the proposal was outlined.

Answers- c d b a


2. Bradley Mc Queary Schiano

a) According to Bradley(via Mc Queary), Schiano “had come into hsi office wite as a ghost and said he just saw jerry doing something to a boy in the shower.”

b) In that deposition, Mc Queary said he’d heard from another Penn State assistant, Tom Bradley, that Schiano” had come to him in the early ’90s about a very similar situation to mine.”

c) The Schiano Men in the press box were certainly right to say that the accusations about Schiano and Penn State are murky and disputed.

d) As Wetzel lays out in his piece, the source of those accusations is a 2015 deposition given by one-time Penn State assistant Mike Mc queary- the star witness in the successful criminal prosecution of child rapist Jerry Sandusky.

Answers- c d b a

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3. Pennsylvania attorney

a) It’s possible Bradley got it wrong or that McQueary mis-remembered his conversation with Bradley.

b) But a coaching search is not a legal proceeding, and it’s willfully obtuse to conflate an allegation’s admissibility in court with its potential truthfulness.

c) Wetzel notes that Schiano and Bradley both denied this claim, that the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office didn’t think the information was solid enough to investigate, and that no charges were ever brought against Schiano.

d) It’s clear that what McQueary said in that deposition is hearsay.

e) It’s also extremely plausible that McQueary related their conversation accurately.

Answers- c d  b a e

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