Business Winners losers reading fill in the blanks 12

Business Winners losers reading fill in the blanks 12

Business Winners losers reading fill in the blanks 12

61. Exercise

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What is the significance of instinct in business? Does a reliable gut feeling separate winners from losers? And is it the most valuable emotional tool any entrepreneur can possess? My observations of successful company owners lead me to  believe that a highly analytical attitude can a drawback. At critical junctures in commercial life, risk-take is more an …………….. of faith than a carefully balanced choice. Frequently, such moments require…………………. and absolute conviction above all else. There is simply no time to wait for all the facts or room for doubt. A computer program cannot tell you how to invent and launch a new…………………. That journey involves too many unknowns, too much luck- and too much sheer intuition rather than the infallible …………..that machines deliver so well. As Chekhov said: “An artist’s flair is sometimes worth a scientist’s brains” – entrepreneurs need right brain thinking. When I have been considering whether to buy a company and what price to offer, I have been …………………. too often by reams of due diligence from the accountants and lawyers. Usually it pays to stand back from such mountains of grey data and weigh up the really important issues- and decide how you feel about the opportunity.

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