Caribbean islands PTE reading Reorder 29

Caribbean islands PTE reading Reorder 29

Caribbean islands PTE reading Reorder 29

The text boxes below have been placed in a random order. Restore the original order by rearranging the text boxes in the correct sequence.

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. Caribbean islands

a) It’s the only island of the Caribbean that lies before the sixty degree lateral line.

b) Upon his arrival he concluded that the island was uninhabited. The island remained this way until it was settled by the English in the later Seventeenth Century.

c) Pedro a Campus, who arrived there in 1536, first discovered it. Pedro a Campus was sailing for Portugal at the time of his discovery.

d) The shape of the island, is somewhat of an irregular triangle.

e) Barbados is the most windward, or eastern of all the Caribbean islands.

Answers: e a c b d


2. religious beliefs

 a) Most religious beliefs are based on faith, and the point about them is that although you may be quite convinced of them yourself, you cannot be sure of persuading other people to believe them too because you cannot produce evidence for them.

b) Now it is with regard to beliefs of this kind that people are now more tolerant than they used to be.

c) And if he did not believe in God and had no religion at all he was thought exceedingly wicked and was punished.

d) This is no longer so today we are tolerant of other people’s beliefs and on the whole let them think what they please.

e) Formerly if a man thought differently about religious matters from his neighbors, he was very likely to he burnt alive.

Answers: a b e c d

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3. European hegemony

a) After the war, England had achieved its objectives, the elimination of Germany, the liquidation of its colonial possessions and the expansion of the English colonies.

b) In 1880 the possession of the industrial, manufacture and export of machinery index of power represented, including England, Germany and the U.S. were the main exporters.

c) At first the European countries represented a great power, new advances in new forms of trade, which emerged inBritain and later developed in the rest of the world.

d) European hegemony of the nineteenth century was due mainly to Great Britain who was able to establish its power in global trade.

e) The increasing specialization of the British economy was clearly reflected in the rapid increase in the importance of the foreign trade for the country.

Answers: d c e b a

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