cayley foundation reorder paragraphs exercise 26

cayley foundation reorder paragraphs exercise 26

cayley foundation reorder paragraphs exercise 26

The text boxes below have been placed in a random order. Restore the original order by rearranging the text boxes in the correct sequence.

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. cayley foundation

a) Cayley laid the foundation of aerodynamics. History owes its first gliding flight to him. Clement Ader built a steam powered airplane and made the first actual flight of a piloted aircraft.

b) Otto Lilienthal made thousand of successful flights in a person or thing that glides of his own.

c) Before 18th century few people applied themselves to the study of flight. Leonardo da Vinci however was preoccupied mainly with bird flight and flapping wing machines called orinthopters.

d) Orville Wright made the first flight of a piloted heavier than air self move craft called the Flyer .

This flight was succeeded by a series of flights.

e) By the time his aeronautical work come to be known, three more devices important to aviation had been invented: the windmill, a propeller, the kite, airplane wing and the model helicopter.

Answers: c e a b d


2. horticulture, settlements and logging

 a) In spite of the fact that deforestation has been useful to mankind for different reasons, the quick increasing speed of deforestation, especially in the Amazon Rain forest conditions has brought on various worldwide atmosphere changes, especially in the water cycle and nursery impact.

b) These requests for area prompted the introductory strides of the change from an agranrian to a modern culture, the ranches empty were regularly returned to woods.

c) This deforestation procedure “has quickened significantly since World War 2.”

d) The timber lands started to be cleared for “horticulture, settlements and logging.”

e) With the progressions in modernization and people turning out to be more populated and convenient, there turned into a need and craving for area extension for farming and settlement.

Answers: e b d c a

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3. spanning a century

a) Planes engine driven vehicles that fly through the air have evolved into one of the most incredible inventions in history.

b) Every day planes help people to travel and goods to be transported to unheard and incredible distances. Their evolution has not been slow and gradual but rather steady and fast placed.

c) But how did they come into existence and how have they helped America become what it is today?

d) It must have been birds who caught the fancy of humans and inspire them to spread their wings and soar above the blue sky. This very well explains how planes came into existence.

e) Spanning a century, they have been developed and perfected from simple gliders to sea plans commercial planes, spaces shuttles and military aircrafts which have assisted America in being victorious

Answers: d a b e c

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