companies involve employees decision making policy Essay 8

companies involve employees decision making policy Essay 8

employees decision making policy Essay 8

 Essay 8

Many companies involve employees in decision making policy. Some people think that it is important for the progression of the company. Do you agree or disagree?


Company Top Level Authorities should or should not take employees suggestions or ideas to take any decisions. Discuss.


The success of any company depends upon the employees. So it can be mentioned that management is the backbone of any firm. Some peoples think that employees should be involved in every decision related to the company with higher level management while others oppose it. This essay will discuss how important are the decisions of lower-level employees in any firm.

Let us throw some lights on the benefits of involvement of employees with management. Every employee is part of the organization so that it is the right of every employee to discuss future decisions. In addition, every employee has different thoughts and perspectives which can provide different inputs in any suggestion related organization. For instance, Infosys is a successful firm not only due to top-level opinion authorities but also they always take the opinion of subordinates.

On the flip side, some of the decisions for top-level management are confidential so that they can’t trust the lower level employees. This is the reason that they don’t want to involve their subordinates. Moreover, superior employees have more experiences and they are mature enough to run the companies.

In the crux, it can be demonstrated that top-level management should take the employees suggestion as well. In my opinion, authorities should enforce some laws for the employees in the decision-making process so that information will not leak and also help in the comprehensive growth of any company.

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