company's Authorities take employee ideas or not 86

Company’s Authorities take employees ideas or not 86

Company’s Authorities take employees ideas or not 86

Company Top Level Authorities should or should not take employees suggestions or ideas to take any decisions. Discuss.

It is an irrefutable fact that employees are the backbone of any company or firm. A company’s success always depends on the employee’s and togetherly management efforts. Many people believe that the company should take decisions with the involvement of other co-workers while others argue that decisions are only made by the top level authorities of the company. In my opinion, if the company’s decisions are not acceptable to employees, then it will affect their performance. In this essay, we will discuss the importance of lower-level employees in any decision-making process. And we will lead to a plausible conclusion.

There are numerous benefits of including the employees in decision-making. Firstly, the involvement of workers in the decisions enhances their morale, the company’s productivity. It also improves co-worker relationships. Secondly, employees will support and implement the choices they had a part in making. According to this aspect, they are better able to accept change because they will have a feeling of belonging to the business. It is apparent why lower-level workers engagement is required.

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On the contrary, people who hold an opposing view and tend to believe that the top level authorities have more experience and they are mature enough to make decisions on their own. They perceive that employees are only for doing jobs and following the commands. To cite an example, some decisions are for only the high-level management. And they have to be kept confidential from other employees. When the company doesn’t get workers opinion. It creates detachment to the company, which leads to more resignations or may be internal politics in the organization.

In conclusion, after inspection upon further paragraphs, we can say, “Every rose has its thorns.” Those decisions which will affect the low-level employees should be taken by their involvement only while others kept confidentially. In a nutshell, it concludes that to avoid resignations rates, internal politics company should take ideas of their co-workers.

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