computer programming reading fill blanks 69

computer programming reading fill blanks 69

computer programming reading fill blanks 69

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Distance learning can be highly beneficial to a large variety of people from young students wanting to expand their horizons to adults looking for more job security. With programs that allow learners of all ages to take courses for fun, personal advancement, and degrees, distance learning can meet the ……….. of a diverse population.

Perhaps one of the most notable and often talked about ……… of distance learning is the flexibility. The majority of programs allow students to learn when and where it’s convenient for them. For ………. who are struggling to balance their distance learning goals with working a full-time job and taking care of a family, this kind of flexibility can allow many people to pursue education who would not otherwise be able to do so.

…………. there are no on-campus courses to attend, students can learn from their own homes, at work on their lunch breaks and from virtually anywhere with internet access. For some, it can even be a big source of savings on their fuel costs and time required to commute to classes.

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170. Sample

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Developing computational thinking helps students to better understand the world around them. Many of us happily drive a car without ……….. what goes on under the bonnet. So is it necessary for children to ……… how to program computers? After all, some experts say coding is one of the human skills that will become obsolete as artificial intelligence grows.

Nevertheless, governments believe coding is an essential skill. Since 2014, the principles of computer programming ………. on England’s curriculum for children from the age of five or six, when they start primary school.

While not all children will become programmers, Mark Martin, a computing teacher at Sydenham High School, London argues that they should learn to understand what ………… computers work and try to solve problems as a computer might.

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