Computer science Reorder paragraphs PTE 38

Computer science Reorder paragraphs PTE 38

Computer science Reorder paragraphs PTE 38

The text boxes below have been placed in random order. Restore the original order by rearranging the text boxes in the correct sequence.

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. re-order

a) Our Applied Computer Science major is all about giving you the skills to solve computer related problems.

b) With the rapid advances in technology and new applications being developed constantly, it is hard to say what those problems will be.

c) One thing is for sure, though, it is going to be exciting finding out.

d) Why Applied Computer Science?

Answers:  d a b c

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2. re-order

a) England’s most selective universities must do more attract teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds if they want to charge higher tuition fees, the country’s fair access watchdog has warned.

b) Such defenses from the country’s most elite universities “do not hold water”, Prof. Ebdon said, as he urged the institutions to do more to widen their intakes.

c) Professor Les Ebdon, director of Fair Access to Higher Education, has said universities can no longer make excuses about the number of poorer students they take on.

d) In a statement issued yesterday, Prof. Ebson dismissed the argument from the country’s most selective universities, which claim that young people from poorer backgrounds generally secure worse grades.

Answers: a c d b


3. re-order

a) Human existence is the developed world is entirely dependent on some fairly recent developments in science and technology.

b) It is a truism to say that in 21st-century society science and technology are important.

c) Whether this is good or bad is, of course, up for argument.

d) But the fact that science underlies our lives, our health, our work, our communications, our entertainment, and our transport is undeniable.

Answers:- b a c d


4. re-order

a) This past Sunday, April 9th, the railway’s current engineers decide to test the rumor once and for all. They weren’t disappointed.

b) The question was this: did the railway’s creator, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, really have the tunnel carved in such a way that when the sun rose on his birthday – April 9th – it would be flooded with light?

c) ‘When, you look from the east portal,’ the cutting provides a lovely V-shape, communications manager Paul Gentleman told the Guardian.

d) While the west side’s view wasn’t quite so impressive, the engineers generously chalked that up to centuries of dirt and grime.

ee) Ever since the completion of the Great Western Railway, in the 1840s, intrigue has swirled around the Box Tunnel, a long, steep bypass near Bath, England.

Answers:- e b a d c

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5. re-order

a) It’s only when they are older and beginning to acquire thought that parents attempt to teach them or discipline them.

b) Young children don’t possess these qualities and are easily angered, cry frequently and are incapable of understanding the external difficulties facing the community, such as shortages of food.

c) Jean Briggs has worked with the Inuit of the Canadian Arctic and has described how, within these communities, growing up is largely seen as a process of acquiring thought, reason, and understanding (known in Inuit as Thuma)

d) Because they can’t be reasoned with, and don’t understand, parents treat them with a great deal of tolerance and leniency.

Answers: c a b dc b d a

6. re-order

a) Wagonways evolved into tramways and spread throughout Europe. Horses still provided all the pulling power.

b) By 1776, iron had replaced the wood in the rails and wheels on the carts.

c) Roads of rails called Wagonways were being used in Germany as early as 1550.

These primitive railed roads consisted of wooden rails over which horse-drawn wagons or carts moved with greater ease over dirt roads. Wagonways were the beginnings of modern railroads.

e) In 1789, Englishman, William Jessup designed the first wagons with flanged wheels. The flange was a groove that allowed the wheels to grip the rail better, and this was an important design that carried over to late locomotives.

Answers:- c d b a e

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