Deducting marks for late assignments PTE essay

Deducting marks for late assignments PTE essay 68

Deducting marks for late assignments PTE essay

Nowadays, deducting marks for late assignments becomes a controversial topic. Some people perceive that this handles the students in the best way who never submit assignments on time while others argue that it might scare the student and lead to lack of interest. I firmly believe that late assignments should not be accepted and should be punished. In this essay, we will discuss all aspects of the argument so that we lead to a plausible conclusion.

There are ample reasons that are deducting marks for late assignments assist students in being disciplined and punctual as well. It creates fear in the mind of students to complete and proffer the task on time. Reducing marks for late submissions helps students to be active to submit an assignment within the time and also eases to attain excellent scores. For instance, students learn that being regular help them to be flourishing in life. It is clear that why deducting makes for late assignments is beneficial for students.

On the contrary, some people hold views against this argument. They argue that it creates a thought in the mind of students that assignments are only for marks but not for knowledge and useful in another way. To exemplify this method of reducing scores might confuse the pupils thinking that marks are terminal and lead him to opt bad ideas to complete the task somewhat of gaining the knowledge. Hence, it has also some negative externalities for students.

In conclusion, after inspection upon further paragraphs, we can concede that reducing marks for late assignments need to be handled carefully. According to me, it helps pupils to build good attitudes amidst the students.

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