Design of buildings has positive or negative impact

Design of buildings has positive or negative impact 65

# Design of buildings has positive or negative impact 65

Write about the following topic: You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. You should write 200-300 words.

Design of buildings has positive or negative impact on people’s life and work

Sample Answer 1

In today’s era, it becomes a controversial topic that the design of buildings affect people’s life and work. Many people believe that the design of buildings improves people’s skills in working and provide relief while others conceive totally opposite to it. I firmly believe that it has precedent positive consequences on an individual’s life. I will elaborate on my views in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To begin with, it becomes the first choice of everyone that company and homes should have an appropriately designed build. Instead, it has to work fully and motivated employees. For instance, If companies are well-designed, people will be attracted to work in those companies. Also, proper architect-ed homes will provide numerously ease to survive and help people to get a release from whole day stress after coming to the apartments. Accordingly, the design of buildings should give priority in this modern world.

On the contrary, every rose has its thorns. So, it also has some negative impacts. Because buildings become fully covered nowadays, so there is a lack of natural lighting in the homes which increases the consumption of electricity. And due to the lack of ventilation, people suffer from a lot of health issues. Moreover, to exemplify this, if a company’s building is providing a lot of ease to the employees, they will become lazy and will not working properly. It will affect the company’s reputation directly.

In conclusion, after inspection upon further paragraphs, we can concede that there are a lot of benefits in one’s life. In other words, its benefits hold more water as compared to its negative externalities. As a result, the design of buildings should give priority on a wide range without any trouble.

Sample Answer 2

Building design and construction has an impact on people’s life and work is a controversial topic. Everyone has their own point of view to select the design of the building. Some people follow Vastu Science to construct a building whereas others don’t. Everybody wants to work in a perfect environment i.e. peaceful, proper ventilated, natural light etc. In my opinion, Design of any building matters a lot to work life. I will elaborate it in further deliberation.

To commence with, construction of any building can be fruitful for the people working there. The building should have proper ventilation, natural light should be there. According to a study of scientists, people are lacking ‘Vitamin D’ because of less exposure of natural light nowadays because the buildings are designed that they don’t have any space for natural air or light. People prefer air-conditioned air, electric lights rather than natural sunshine and air. Most of the people avoid south-west facing villas because they face the sun and get overheated in noon which is not good for health.

Secondly, Infrastructure plays an important role in a worker’s life and health. They spend more than 8 hours of their daily routine at their work place. Bad environment effects tremendously on their health. Good working conditions increases production and positive attitude. People working in the well-managed building feel proud. Modern buildings with proper ventilation will have fewer chances of allergies and other diseases.

To recapitulate, the infrastructure of any building should be designed by keeping in mind the health of workers. The merits of the building design are too great to ignore.

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