Dictation listening task material 31 to 40

Dictation listening task material 31 to 40

Dictation listening task material 31 to 40

You will hear a sentence. Type the sentence in the box below exactly you hear it. Write as much of the sentence as you can. You will hear the sentence only once.












In this task, you will hear 2 or three sentences which are of approximately 8 to 14 words. You have to write these sentences as it you heard and try to understand the sentence. You have to write these properly and write more and more words that you can.  This task hasn’t any boundary time. As we know this is the part of the listening module and for listening total time is allotted and we know it depends upon us that how much time we have left for this part. Moreover, you can listen the sentence only once. So, try to listen it properly in one time. For this, here we provide some questions for your general practice with answers.. So, listen the above video clips and do practice with us to give your best.

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