Do you support dangerous activities like extreme skiing 81

Do you support dangerous activities like extreme skiing 81

Do you support dangerous activities like extreme skiing 81

In this modern era, Extreme sports or Action sports are prevalent. The young generation is more willing towards hot rides or games like skiing, snowboarding, and skydiving, etc. While many people are doing this by following each other only and these sports are dangerous for humans and harm the environment as well. In my opinion, action sports are useful in many manners, but they should be allowed at a moderate level only. In this essay, we will discuss many aspects of dangerous activities and will lead to a plausible conclusion.

To begin with, sports like skiing, snowboarding is good for health in some ways like strengthens bones and joints, helps in weight loss, promotes deep sleep, improves the flexibility of body that avoids muscle strains and sprains, etc. However, these sports also encourage accidents. There are a lot of examples of who died due to skiing only. One of them is Ross Milne, he was just 21 years old, when he died because of skiing. Hence, these activities must be banned as they cause accidents and deaths.

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Another reason for skiing ban is harm to the environment and wildlife too. To make and manage the sports facility, it takes large numbers of resources and energy that leads to air pollution, green gas emissions, and garbage generation as well as habitat loss. So, it is apparent from this aspect too why dangerous activities banning and it will lead to help the environment and reduce pollution.

In conclusion, after evaluating all the areas of skiing or other extreme sports, we can say that they result in accidents and affects the environment. In a nutshell, we conclude that extreme sports should be diminished or put to a stop by keeping all above-discussed points to the mind.

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