Education is important as it teaches ethics and life values 110 vital role

Education is important as it teaches ethics and life values 110

# Education is important as it teaches ethics and life values 110

Write about the following topic: You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. You should write 200-300 words.

Education is important as it teaches ethics and life values as well as practical things for future employment. What’s your opinion.

Sample Answer 1

It always becomes a debatable topic that what is the importance of education in one’s life nowadays. Many people believe that knowledge is crucial as it prepares us for future employment. I concur entirely with the statement that it gives us practical experience so that one can get a job quickly. I will elaborate on my views in the forthcoming paragraphs with appropriate illustrations. and thus lead to a probable conclusion.

To start with, education plays a significant role in every victory of life. It is necessary for personal, social and economic developments of the country as well. It helps parents at homes and teachers at schools to teach discipline to child and students, respectively. And it also lets pupils be confident.
To illustrate, higher educated pupils have more chances of getting a job in multinational companies instead of uneducated ones. Hence, it is apparent how education is correlated with the future employment of individuals.

Besides, it also helps a child to be creative and teaches several skills that are required for professional and personal life. Ethics and values make a person more productive in every field whatever he/she choose in their future life. As we know, life is full of hurdles, so it enables students to take instant and correct decisions in hard times. To cite an example, all the knowledgeable people are now well settled in particular fields with honor. So, it is clear how education is a necessary part of this era.

According to the arguments aforementioned, one can conclude that education is not only beneficial in a career but also it plays a vital role in to live a respectful life.

Sample Answer 2

We can’t avoid it that, education has become an inseparable part of our life. Humans are social animals and to learn how to treat socially, we can learn through education only. It helps us to understand the value of life and prepares us for future challenges. Education teaches us ethics. I strongly agree with the perception that education is the most significant thing in today’s life. I will elaborate it forthcoming paragraphs.

To commence with, education plays a vital role in a human’s life. Education makes him able to stand on his own feet. It prepares him for the upcoming challenges of the daily routine in life. Education brings self-confidence and discipline in a person. A person who is educated and knows his capabilities is able to brighten his future. To exemplify, only an educated person can get a job in multinational companies rather than people with incomplete education or no education.

Secondly, an educated person tries to increase his knowledge wherever he gets an opportunity. For instance, if a person is already educated and meets another educated person it will help him to learn new things and gain knowledge. Education makes students able to choose their carrier wisely. Two persons running their houses, one is educated and the other is uneducated or less educated, there’s will be the difference in both’s policies, plans, etc. An educated person will keep an eye on his daily expenses. In short, education makes a person self-dependent, self-confident and disciplined.

To conclude, we can say from the above paragraphs that education is not only important to get a job but it is also necessary to run daily life smoothly.

(Sonia Bajaj)

Education is important as it teaches ethics and life values 110

Sample Answer 3

It is an irrefutable fact that education becomes an integral and indispensable part of every human’s life. It teaches us numbers of things like ethics, life values, increases our maturity level and many more, which help us in our entire life. As we live in a modern era and here we can’t live without education and knowledge because this is a technological worlds. Now, everything becomes digitalized. So, to access all these things and to be successful, a person should be educated well. I firmly agree with this statement that to be the successful part of this era, we have to train. In this essay, I will elaborate on my views with suitable examples and thus leads to a plausible conclusion.

To begin with, education becomes a necessity, or we can say it becomes a major priority after having food and shelter, for surviving in this world with relief. There are ample numbers of benefits of being educated. Firstly, a person with a good education can learn anything quickly. Nowadays, technology has been updated on a vast scale, so everyone should be used to it, and if a person has good knowledge and education skills can instantly learn those things. For instance, in recent times, our country is becoming digitalized. So, now, we can purchase everything online, can transmit money with the mobile through applications provided. All new technology we can only learn when we are educated and have good knowledge about it.

In addition,

education teaches us values and ethics to enhance better opportunities in the future. Ethics and values make a person confident and wise. Nowadays, every entrepreneur needs an employee with all the qualities such as who is knowledgeable, hard-working, ethical and have enough maturity to take instant and right decisions. So, to get the best job, a person should be educated. Thus, it is apparent how education plays a vital role in future employment.

In conclusion, we can conclude, to be successful and live good lives, it is necessary that a person has to educate.

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