equalitarian society person development Reorder paragraphs 24

equalitarian society person development Reorder paragraphs 24

equalitarian society person development Reorder paragraphs 24

The text boxes below have been placed in a random order. Restore the original order by rearranging the text boxes in the correct sequence.

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. equalitarian society

a) In society, the largest and the most popular, in relationship or in audience, does not necessarily mean the best.

b) The equalitarian in so far as he maintains that one man’s taste is as good as another’s, is wrong.

c) In an equalitarian society, an man’s judgement is theoretically as good as another’s.

d) Education should therefore be cognitive, not equal.

e) When we said that the function of education was to develop the best in each person, what did we mean?

Answers: c a e b d


2. Tolerant person

a) And so, if he thinks they are wrong he may try to persuade them to believe differently, but he will not try to force them.

b) He is prepared to let them think what they like and say what they think.

c) The last but not the least important way in which science has changed people and made them more civilized is by making them more tolerant.

d) A tolerant person is one who does not interfere with other people, even if he thinks they are wrong.

Answers: c d b a

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3. Religious beliefs

a) Most religious beliefs are based on faith, and the point about them is that although you may be quite convinced of them yourself, you cannot be sure of persuading other people to believe them too because you cannot produce evidence for them.

b) Now, it is with regard to beliefs of this kind that people are nwo more tolerant than they used to be.

c) And if he did not believe in God and had no religion at all he was thought exceedingly wicked and was punished.

d) This is no longer so- Today we are tolerant of other people’s beliefs and on the whole let them think what they please.

e) Formerly if a man thought differently about religious matters from his neighbors, he was very likely to be burnt alive.

Answers: a b e c d

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