foolish idea to get married before finishing the study Essay 10

foolish idea to get married before finishing the study Essay 10

foolish idea to get married before finishing the study Essay 10

 Essay 10 It is a foolish idea to get married before finishing the study and settling down. Agree or not?


It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies and getting established in a good job. Do you agree or disagree?

 Answer In this day and age, the appropriate age for getting married has sparked a heated debate. In this regard, a substantial number of people put this idea forward that becoming married until graduation and settling down is a foolish idea. Personally, I am highly inclined to accept that to get married during university may interfere with the studies, and hence it is a bad idea. This will be analyzed before a reasoned conclusion is drawn.

For one, it is commonly accepted that students should allocate their time wisely to their educational courses, and this is in conflict with the responsibilities marriage brings with it. To put this idea into consideration, a recent article published in the Journal of Modern Educations conducted by researchers in Michigan State University has revealed that students who become married before graduation are scored 34% less in their last year’s final exams. Thus, this research fortifies the argument that getting married before finishing the study is not a good idea.

In addition to this, there is little room for doubt that it is hard to carry the economic burden of not only tuition fees but also costs related to living as a such as housing, food, and bills. This becomes more intense especially by looking at the fact that during the study it is not possible for an individual to work on a full-time job due to related restrictions and laws. Hence, the reasons why this idea has garnered support can be seen with clarity.

In conclusion, after analyzing both the issue of the amount of time one should spend on education as well as additional imposed costs, It is felt that getting married and reaching a stable economic and social situation is a foolish idea.

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