Important Grammar Rules for PTE Reading Section

Important Grammar Rules for PTE Reading Section

Important Grammar Rules for PTE Reading Section

  1. We use ”To” or “For” with “–ing or a noun”.
  2.  Don’t use “With” with “being”.
  3. Use sorry FOR “something”.
  4. Use sorry FOR “doing something”.
  5. Use crazy ABOUT “something”.
  6. Use famous FOR “something”.
  7. In Time means soon enough to do something.
  8. On Time means punctual, not late.
  9. Noun+preposition are used together(“ reason for,” cause of”).
  10. We use “in” for cars and taxis.
  11. We use “on” for bicycles and public transportation.  Use “at” for an event. For example, at a party, at the movies.
  12. Use “in” with towns and villages.
  13. Use “Until or till” to say how long situation continues.
  14. We use for+ a period of time to say how long something goes on. For example, for two hours.
  15. We use during+noun to say when something happens.(don’t use during three days)
  16. Use while+subject+verb. For example, I fell asleep while I(subject) was watching(verb) television.
  17. Use “at” with times.
  18. Use “on” with dates and days.
  19. Use “in” for longer periods of time.
  20. Don’t use “at/on/in” before “last” and “next”.
  21. “Despite” is used with a noun, a pronoun, or –ing.
  22. Always use “Despite” without “of”.
  23.  “Although” is used with a subject+verb. For example, Although she smokes, although I had etc.

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  1. TIME
  2. PLACE(small village, town)
  1. At 6 a.m, 7 o’clock, At sunrise, At night, At the beginning, At  Diwali
  2. At Rampura, At G.T. Road, At 104 sector, At Taj hotel.
  1.  TIME FOR
  2. PLACE (of work)
  3. POSITION(for a thing at rest/ contact)
  4. UPON(up+on)
  1.  On Tuesday, On Diwali night.
  2. On a mission, On a holiday, On a project.
  3. On the table, On the phone, On the line On the mike.
  4. The cat jumped upon the table.
  1.  For 2days, For 6months, For 10 years.
  1.  From the age of ten, From morning to night.
  1.  TIME-PERIOD(future)
  2. PLACE(cities, states, countries, streets)
  1.  In October, In winter, In a moment, In the evening, In a week, In time.
  2. In New Delhi, In Haryana, In India, In Nehru Street.
  1.  PLACE(in the direction of)
  1.  Sri Lanka is situated to South of India, She went to Chennai.


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