Healthy diet more reliant for healthy body than exercise 108 diet and exercise

Healthy diet more reliant for healthy body than exercise 108

# Healthy diet more reliant for healthy body than exercise 108

Write about the following topic: You should spend about 20 minutes on this task. You should write 200-300 words.

Healthy body is more reliant on a healthy diet than exercise. Do you agree? Share your personal experience to support the statement.

Sample Answer 1

In this modern era,  it becomes a debatable topic that what is more reliant for a healthy body like a healthy diet or exercise. Some people believe that the consumption of healthy food is only required to stay healthy while others argue that exercise is more important than food. In my opinion, both have equal importance to be fit and strong. In this essay, we will discuss all the aspects and lead to a plausible conclusion.

To begin with, balanced diet means an accurate amount of multiple nutrition, protein and carbohydrates in our meal which we intake any time in our day. Eating this type of food has a plethora of advantages for us. It makes us healthy and fit. Nutrition gives us the energy to fight with toxins and keep us away from various types of diseases and infections. While proteins and carbohydrates make us strong enough to do several things without any tiredness. For instance, if we eat unhealthy food like oily food, it will create stress and leads to numerous germ infections. So, everyone should choose food wisely.

On the other hand, exercise also plays a vital role to make us healthy. Exercise doesn’t mean that we have to go gym only, it might be yoga, dance, cycling, walking or any other activity you like to do in mornings. It will keep your mind fresh. To cite an example, when you go for cycling and walking in the early morning, you get fresh air and a different environment which will help you to be positive whole the day. So, it leads to being more productive in your job.

In conclusion, after inspection upon further paragraphs, we can concede that healthy diet and exercise both play a vital role to make a person fully fit. So, people should exercise or do extra activity atleast four to five times a week and should intake healthy food as well.

Sample Answer 2

A balanced diet and proper Exercise both are significant for the healthy and fit body. Some proponents believe that only adequate food is enough to keep the body fit, whereas opponents of this view are adverse. I agree that both a proper diet and Exercise are essential to staying healthy. The reasons for my opinion are explained in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To commence with, we should consume a healthy diet to be healthy when we know that we do not work physically enough that we should plan our food accordingly. For the people who don’t work a lot physically, they should consume fewer carbohydrates than there will be no chance of getting obese or other diseases. But unhealthy diet, for instance, junk food can cause so many diseases like weak eyesight, stress, obesity, etc. as per the saying ‘You Are What You Eat.’ So always eat healthily and stay healthy. Including green vegetables, fresh fruits in daily diet will help us to make our food wholesome and complete.

On the other hand, Exercise is also a key to good health. If we do Exercise regularly, it keeps our body rejuvenated all the time. During Exercise, we move all the body parts that make us more flexible and increases metabolism. For instance, If we do cardio, it will remove all the toxins from our body through sweating and keep our collection fresh and healthy.

In summarising, we concluded that a healthy diet and Exercise both are equally important and plays a vital role in our healthy and happy life.

(Sonia Bajaj)

Sample Answer 3

It is an irrefutable fact that exercise and healthy food becomes an essential part of living long and of being healthy as well. Many people perceive that an appropriate diet and exercise leads to excellent survival, while others argue that it is not essential as much. I firmly believe that the former view is more reliant instead of later. I will elaborate on my beliefs in the forthcoming paragraphs and will lead to a probable conclusion.

To start with, there are ample numbers of benefits to eating healthily. Firstly, people should consume the proper amount of nutrition at a particular time. It increases individual’s will power, makes them energetic and active to do things. Some people don’t have any time to eat because of their busy schedule; they eat any time as if they got free time, will eat otherwise not. This type of diet consuming process affect negatively, such as it weakens the immune system.

Secondly, when a person eats a balanced diet full of nutrients, proteins, it leads to generate positive vibes whole the day instead of eating fast foods like burger, pizza, etc. Fast food generally creates obesity, stress, stomachaches, or other health-related issues. Hence it is apparent how a healthy diet is essential for an individual’s health and mind too.

Besides, with a balanced diet, exercise is also a necessary thing to do for fitness and healthy life. It helps to burn out extra calories. A person with exercising on a daily basis will never get ill. He becomes more productive and full of energy. Exercise doesn’t mean people should join the gym only, they can also do other activities like sports, yoga, dance, etc. whatever they like to do. To cite an example, yoga in the mornings forms an empathy, feeling of positivity in one’s mind too. It relaxes people’s mind and body also. Thus, it is clear how exercise or morning activity helps a person to be healthy.

To wrap up, we can say, “Eat to live not live to eat,” so, one should eat he/she required and do exercise or workout regularly. So that, illness and infections go away, and they can live better and longer.

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