Herbal book of plants reading fill blanks 68

Herbal book of plants reading fill blanks 68

Herbal book of plants reading fill blanks 68

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A herbal is a book of plants, describing their appearance, their properties and how they may be used for preparing ointments and medicines. The medical use of plants is …………. on fragments of papyrus and clay tablets from ancient Egypt. Samaria and China that date back 5,000 years but document traditions far older still. Over 700 herbal remedies were detailed in the Papyrus Ebers, an Egyptian text written in 1500 BC.

Around 65 BC, a Greek physician called Dioscorides wrote a herbal that was ………… into Latin and Arabic known as ‘De materia medica’, it became the most influential manuscript copy of the text much in Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) ……………. from the sixth century.

The first printed herbals date from the dawn of European printing in the 1480s. They provided valuable information for apothecaries, whose job it was to make the pills and potions ………… by physicians.


168. Sample

important putting it off things

Timing is important for revision. Have you noticed that during the school day you get times when you just don’t care any longer? I don’t mean the lessons you don’t like, but the ones you find usually find OK, but on some occasions, you just can’t be bothered with it. You may have other ……….. on your mind, be tired, restless, or looking forward to what comes next.

Whatever the reason, the particular lesson doesn’t get 100 percent effort from you.

The same is true of revision. Your mental and physical attitude is……….If you try to revise when you are tired or totally occupied with something else, your revision will be inefficient and just about worthless. If you approach it feeling fresh, alert and happy, it will be so much easier and you will learn more, faster.
However, if you make no plans and just slip in a little bit of revision when you feel like it, you probably won’t do much revision! You need a revision timetable so you don’t keep ……………

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