Highlight incorrect words Listening practice 7-8

Highlight incorrect words Listening practice 7-8

Highlight incorrect words Listening practice 7-8

Follow Strategy to score good marks.

  • Quickly read the text before you listen to focus on key words.
  • Follow the text with the cursor as you listen. You have to choose the wrong words as the text is read.
  • Focus on the words such as noun, adjectives, verbs.
  • Try to understand general topic and try to identify incorrect words.

Question 1.

If you’ve ever been to an “all you want to eat” buffet, you know how important it is to carefully weight your options. You don’t want to fill up on salad when so many calorie-laden delights await. It seems some birds also weigh their mealtime choices-literally. A study finds that Mexican Jays pick up and shake peanuts to assess their approximate heft before choosing one. That report is served up in the Journal of Ornithology.

Foods that hide their edible bits on the inside present a challenger to hungry diners. How can you tell which fruits are ripe or which shells harbor the biggest nuts? We humans knock on melons or squeeze avocados. But how do other species select the highest quality snacks?

To find out how the jays do it, scientists fiddled with their feed. First they doctored peanuts so that some contained three nuts while others had one. When they offered these pods to some jays, the birds turned their beaks up at the empty shells and instead chose those that were full. And when the jays were allowed to choose between normal peanuts and those that weighed just one gram more, because the researchers had stuffed them with clay, the birds again went for the heavier meal.

Videos revealed that the jays shake the nuts before choosing one, which apparently lets them gauge the nut’s mass and perhaps also listen for the rattle of a well-packed shell. Pretty clever for a bird brain.

Highlight incorrect words Listening practice 7-8

Highlight incorrect words Listening practice 7-8

Question 2.

The sugar candy business had a fight in the 1830’s when the market started up to the technological advancements and toffee was readily available in bulk. this was a product, that was not only accessible to the rich, since also poor class people could easily afford this daily item. The market was never increasing because the highest consumers were babies. This brought rotation in many drug companies, whose sour and bitter medicines were complimented with sugar to chemically increase their taste.


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