Highlight incorrect words Listening practice 9-10

Highlight incorrect words Listening practice 9-10

Highlight incorrect words Listening practice 9-10

Follow Strategy to score good marks.

  • Quickly read the text before you listen to focus on key words.
  • Follow the text with the cursor as you listen. You have to choose the wrong words as the text is read.
  • Focus on the words such as noun, adjectives, verbs.
  • Try to understand general topic and try to identify incorrect words.

Question 1.

The food and beverage industries spend more than $10 billion a year in the US to market their produce to children. And it’s money well spent for them, by age 2 kids may already harbor preferences for certain brands. And kids under 6 can often may already harbor with specific products, such as McDonald’s. Here’s how powerful McDonald’s brand is, accordance to a study just published in the August issue of the journal Archives of periodic and Adolescent Medicine: preschool kids were given the exact same food in either unbranded packages or in McDonald’s packaging.

But the kids, all between 3 and 5 years old, said they liked the taste better when the food looked like it was from McDonald’s. One of the foods tested was carrots. What’s up is that the kids said they liked quote McDonald’s carrots unquote better than just plain carrots by more than 2 or 1. And the more TV sets in a kid’s home, the more likely he or she was to prefer the food in McDonald’s bags.

Highlight incorrect words Listening practice 9-10

Highlight incorrect words Listening practice 9-10

Question 2.

We all know that drinks can cloud judgment. That’s why you should never e-mail an ex after you’ve had a few. But for teenagers, doing dumb things now because of alcohol may be just the start. Because research with animals proves that drinking during adolescence can set you up for a whole lifeline of bad decisions. The study is in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. People who abuse alcohol when they’re young don’t always make good choices as adults.

But it’s been unclear whether the drink gives them stupids, or whether folks prone to poor choices are predisposed to drink. One way to tackle the question is by studying alcohol intake in animals, like rats.But rats don’t like to drink. So to make the alcohol more palpable, scientists infused it into a tasty “gel matrix”. Yes, the researchers gave teenage rats Jello shots. And the animals’ decision making ability stayed impaired well into adulthood, as marked by their tendency to chase after rewards with associated high risk rather than taking a sure thing. So, young party animals, remember the words of Faber’s Dean Wormer: “Drunk and stupid is no way to got through life, son”.

Highlight incorrect words Listening practice 9-10

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