housing well being people Speaking Read aloud 17

housing well being people Speaking Read aloud 17

housing well being people Speaking Read aloud 17

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Humans need to use energy in order to exist. So it is unsurprising that the way people have been producing energy is largely responsible for current environmental problems. Pollution comes in many forms, but those that are most concerning, because of their impact on health, result from the combustion of fuels in power stations and cars.

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Clearly, times are changing and while many people are saving for have a range of pension schemes that are designed to provide individuals with an income once they stop working . People need to take advantage of these if they are to have sufficient money throughout their retirement years.

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According to recent research, sunshine and warm weather have a positive effect on our moods. The British Journal of Psychology has published a report in which it claims that anxiety levels fall when temperatures rise, while increased exposure to sunshine makes us think more positively about our lives.

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Statistics reflect vital information about the economy, the well being of the population, and the environment. Society relies on statistics being visible, accessible and robust, and on statistically literate people making the best use of the information to determine future action. Statistical literacy, then, is the ability to accurately understand, interpret and evaluate the data that inform these issues.

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Housing fulfills the basic needs that people have for security, privacy and shelter. While the adequacy of housing is an important component of individual well being, housing also has great impact on the nation’s economy, with its influence on investment levels, interest rates, building activity and employment.

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