How PTE is better than Ielts to get Australian PR

How PTE is better than Ielts to get Australian PR

How PTE is better than Ielts to get Australian PR

Well! PTE and Ielts both are english tests. These are required to pass to get other countries PR(permanent residence) or if you want to study there. Here, we will go through number of facts or things that ultimately describe you which is far better to get Australian PR. Facts like What is PTE? What is ielts? You will also get information about cost, modules, result card, band score requirement for Canada and Australia both.

Firstly, I would like to share my experience with you guys, that why I had chosen PTE rather than ielts to get Australian PR. I think ielts is more preferred these days just because people knew more about it. Well! in past days, I also thought ielts is the only exam which can help me to settled abroad until I started PTE. Ielts took me 5 to 6 months to prepared for the exam and I spent a lot money for caching classes and then, also paid for exam.

Furthermore, I gave it 6 times and always got 7 or 8 bands in listening, reading and speaking but I got only 6 or 6.5 band score in writing every time. Writing is quite difficult to get 8 band scores. Writing topics are very hard to understand and write properly. Every time, I got misspelled or forgot keywords and also confused with vocabulary words. My first, second, third, fourth until to sixth attempt I tried my best to got required band scores. But always, I got undesirable result which made me sad enough. At my sixth attempt, I was totally lost and thought, no it is not for me, I can’t go abroad.

How PTE is better than Ielts to get Australian PR

Moreover, then my friend had told me about PTE. He said that PTE is also english testing exam which tests our english skills. And also certified test which help us to get PR in abroad. So, I made my mind and decided to go through it once also. I joined coaching classes for PTE. Surprisingly, with 2 months coaching only, I got required band score in each module i.e. 79. In PTE 79 numbers means 8 band in each module. So, I got myself at cloud nine and applied my visa for Australia.

Above all, is my experience that how I was overwhelmed by Ielts and finally, got a right way to fulfill my dreams. Now, we will discuss all important factors to compare PTE and Ielts.

What is PTE?

PTE refers to Pearson Test of English. This test is recognized by Pearson to get Australian PR as well you can go Canada for higher studies if you have required band scores.This test is held to check your english skills. That how well you can speak, write, read or listen english of different accents. In this exam, you learn numbers of accents while you are practicing speaking, and listening. I find it more useful because it improves my english skill a lot. It contains a lot tasks which I found appreciable and interesting as well.

How PTE is Better than Ielts

  1. PTE results are faster as compare to the results of Ielts
  2. PTE approved by the Australian Government for visa applications and accepted by thousands of institutions in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland.
  3. You can send your scores to as many institutions as you choose- there are no additional fees for extra score reports.
  4. It covers everything: listening, reading, writing and speaking.
  5. The PTE certificate is recognized by UK immigration authorities, many international companies and universities in English speaking countries.
  6. Students can book test even in last moments (within 48 hours in advance.)
  7. PTE certificates are valid for up to two years from the date of the test.
  8. Booking test date is very easy.
  9. Its time duration is 3 hours.


In addition, PTE is a computer based exam which is held by computer, checked by computer. So, there are no chances that you got wrong results while in Ielts, it is hand written exam and also checked by a human being. As we all know, men do mistakes. So, here is possibility, examiner may be angry during your exam check, may he/she is unable to understand your hand writing. In this way, you will loose your numbers automatically and will get bad band scores. But In PTE, you don’t need to worrying about all these things. here, we will discuss a brief introduction about all the modules of PTE

1. Speaking Section:-

In PTE, speaking section contains 5 sub modules such as Read Aloud, Repeat sentence, Describe image, Re-tell lecture and Answer short questions. Read aloud is basically like reading a text from screen which  is shown.  Well, in repeat sentence, you will hear a sentence of 8 to 9 words and you have to repeat it immediately as it. Then, you have describe image, which is a little similar to ielts, in ielts you have a image describe in Writing while in PTE you have describe it by speaking. After describe image, Re tell lecture is conducted in which you have to listen a lecture carefully and then describe it in your own words like summarized it. After then, you got Answer short questions which are quite easy and have one word answer only. In this section, I found read aloud, repeat sentence and answer short questions are very interesting.

PTE Speaking Practice tips tricks strategies get 65+ 79+

2. Writing Section:-

After Speaking, you get writing section. In writing you have to write two summaries and One essay on general topic or either you have to write one summary and 2 essays in rare cases. Advantage of Writing section is that you have to type the essays and summaries. So, you don’t worries about your handwriting either you have good or bad.

PTE Writing Essay template tips Practice Essay Scores get 79+

3. Reading Section:- 

Then, you got reading section, which also contains sub modules which are quite easy. Sub modules like Multiple choice single answer, Multiple choice multiple answer contains negative marking. Reorder paragraphs, fill in the blanks. All sections are quite easier and found interesting when you will start practicing.

How to get higher score in reading module PTE Reading Tips to get 79+

4. Listening Section:-

In this section, you got sub modules contains fill in the blanks, tick the correct, highlight the incorrect words, and Dictation. Dictation and highlight incorrect words are found marks scoring modules and interesting as well. In dictation, you have to listen carefully and type the sentence exactly you listen. Interesting fact is you got one work for each one word which you write correctly. And in highlight incorrect words, you have a written paragraph on screen which is as same as you hear in your ear phones. So, listen it carefully and read it out with the recording and highlight the word which is mismatch with the recording by mouse click.

Important tips get 65+ 79+ in PTE Speaking Writing Reading Listening

PTE Marks details

Topics having maximum marks in PTE(Pearson test of English)

Name No.s Marks in Speaking Marks in Writing Marks in Reading Marks in Listening
Read Aloud 7-8 22 22
Repeat Sentence 10-12 12 20
Describe image 6-7 22
Retell Lecture 2-3 28 10
Summ. written text 2-3 10 10
Essay 1-2 12
Fill-ups (Drag&Drop) 4-5 15
Re-order 2-3 6
Fill-ups(Drop Down) 5-6 22 22
Summ. spoken text 2-3 12 10
Write from dictation 3-4 28 20




  • PTE full form :- Pearson Test of English
  • Test modules :- Four
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Computerized exam
  • 3 hours exam (only one exam)
  • exam fee (13-14000)
  1. Speaking ( conducted by computer)
  2. Writing (typing required)
  3. Reading (small questions)
  4. listening (small questions)
  • Result :- within 24 hours (in rare cases within 5 days)
  • IELTS full form :- International English Language Testing System
  • Test modules :-   Four
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Hand Written exam
  • 2 exams (take 2 days)
  • Exam fee (13-14000)
  1. Speaking (conducted by man)
  2. Writing (hand written exam)
  3. Reading (a lot questions)
  4. listening (a long talk which you have to understand)
  • Result:- After two weeks ( a long wait)

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