How to write paragraph improve paragraph writing skill

How to write paragraph improve paragraph writing skill

How to write paragraph improve paragraph writing skill

Paragraph Writing

Paragraph writing involves a number of sub skills. One has to collect idea, organize them, and then put them in right order in grammatically correct sentences. On has to make choice of appropriate words, take care of their spellings and also of punctuation to avoid ambiguity. In other words, one has to collect ideas, organize them in logical order, draft a piece of composition, edit it and re-draft it. In order to make writing easy for the school students, hints are provided in the form of outlines, pictures, graphs, flow charts etc.



MR. M.S. Bedi is my neighbor. He is around 82 years old. He taught as a professor of Mathematics in various government colleges of Punjab before he retired. After, his retirement, he did not sit idle and engaged himself in social work, which included teaching the poor students. About a decade ago, in order to help the poor and needy orphans, he sold off his big house, situated in a posh locality and moved into a smaller one in another sector. With the money he got by selling his house, he bought a piece of land in a village not very far from the city he lives in. There he set up an orphanage.

He approached the sarpanch pf that village and with his help he identified some poor boys and brought them with him. Now he looks after them and sends them to a near by government school to study. He has also opened a dispensary for the villages who cannot afford expensive treatment. He is also planning to open a vocational center for expensive treatment.

And he is also planning to vocational center fro training girls in sewing and other skills so that they become independent. People have great respect for him because he has achieved so much in spite of his old age and the handicap he was struck by polio in his childhood.

Points to remember while writing a paragraph:

  1. Collect ideas that are suitable to the topic.
  2. Organize ideas in a proper sequence.
  3. Use linking words to have continuity of ideas.
  4. Write only grammatically correct sentences. Use simple language. Avoid sentences with too many clauses. This may lead to ambiguity.
  5. Re-read what you have written. Check spelling and punctuation. Rewrite the paragraph if necessary.


A. Write a paragraph of 10-12 lines taking help of the hints given:

Aruna Asif Ali ————- known as ————- ‘Grand Old Lady ————– Independence movement. Born in orthodox Hindu Bengali family ————- 1909 in ————- place called Kalka. ————- Broke conventions ————– married at 19———– Mr. Asif Ali also involved —————- freedom struggle ————— Took part ————- in salt Satyagrah ————– leadership —————- Gandhiji. Addressed public meetings. —————- Led processions. —————- Sentenced to one year imprisonment. ————– Did not give up the cause. ————- Went ————— jail again. ———— Later became editor ————— Inquilab. After Independence ————– turned social worker. ————– Fought for rights of women. ————— Received Nehru Award for International Understanding —————– 1992. Died in July 1996. Honoured ————— Bharat Rattna posthumously.



The north coastal region of Andhra Pradesh is one of the most beautiful parts of the state. It is known for its golden sand beaches and dense forests. Riverlets, caves, hills, valleys and wildlife offer the tourists an amazing. Tyda Jungle Bell Nature Resort situated in this region is worth visiting. This place is located 75 km. away from Vishakapatnam on the Araku Road, Tyda Jungle Bell is the name of the nature camp which is so different from other places.

People living in crowded cities come to this place to know about the role nature plays in their lives. They have a very nice time here. Tyda is an ideal place for watching the wildlife and some rare birds. One can also go rock-climbing, trekking and target shooting with bow and arrows. Here tourists are also trained to understand the language of birds and animals. If one wants to enjoy nature, Tyda is the right place to visit.

B. Write a paragraph on the Golden Temple with the help of the hints given:

Amritsar is also called guru-ki-nagri. ———– famous for the Golden Temple. ———— The Temple ——— situated in the city ———– surrounded ————– narrow lanes. The golden shrines, built in the middle of the sarover shines at sunrise and sunset ———— Built by Guru Arjan Dev Ji ————- It is an experience —————– when ————- Granth Sahib brought out from the Akal Takhat —————— amidst chanting of hymns and blowing of bugle. ————– The Akal Takhat, facing ————— Harmandir Sahib, built by Guru Hargobind Ji. ————- Used for holding courts ever since built. ———— The Complex has a museum ———– rare paintings, books, shashtras. ————- Describe lives of the gurus. ————Near Darshani Deori ———— big bazaars. ————- sell gutakas, karas and other articles. Home , made Papad-Varian, chura bangles and also dry fruit are sold at near by shops. —————— Mouth -watering sweets and lassi main attractions. ————-Number of hotels ———— guest houses for tourists to stay. ————– A sarai for pilgrims. ————- Worth visiting place.



Pritam Lal is a reckless driver. He always drives very fast. Last week when he was driving round the bend in a helly area, a herd of sheep came before his truck. Pritam Lal pressed hard on his horm but the sheep did not move. So he moved his steering wheel towards the left to save them. But he lost his balance and struck against a huge rock. Unluckily there was a labourer sitting near the rock. He was badly hurt. So was the cleaner of the truck.

Pritam Lal could not move because the steering wheel pressed hard against his chest. They were all bleeding profusely. There was no one around. After a few minutes, a car drove past and the driver stopped to see what had happened. The owner of the car and his driver managed to get Pritam Lal out of the truck. But he was breathing with great difficulty. He and the other injured people were taken to a near by hospital. All, including Pritam Lal, are still in hospital. Pritam Lal is battling for his life.

C. Write a paragraph on Lohri based on the hints provided:

Lohri festival of fun and frolic ——————- celebrated ———— January which ————— peak of winter, ————- related to folklore of Dula and Bhatti. People build bonifires – homes or mohallas. —————- Special arrangements for celebrations ———— for a newly married son. Also ———— celebrated on a large scale where a son is born. ————— some ———- perform Gidha or Bhangra to the beats of the drums. Children form groups ————– go door to door singing – just like Christans sing hymns during Christans. ———- Collect money-sweets. Lohri a busy festival. ————- People visit several homes on a single evening.



It is very easy to make a candle. First wax is broken into small pieces. Then water is boiled in a double boiler. Now the wax is put in the top container of the double boiler to melt. It is made to boil to 21′. Care is taken not to over boil it because if heated more it starts smoking. If one wants colored candles, color is added at at this stage.

A wick is inserted inside a mould which is lubricated from inside. It is made sure that the wick does not fall inside the mould by placing a rod across on its top. The wick is tied to it. Now the melted wax is poured into it. The filled mould is put into a bucket containing cold water. The weight is removed and the wax is left to harden over night. Next day the candle is gently pulled out. The candle is ready.

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