human right Essay 26

Education is not a luxury, but a basic human right Essay 26

Education is not a luxury, but a basic human right Essay 26

Essay 26

Education is not a luxury, but a basic human right and as such should be free for everyone, irrespective of personal wealth. To what extent do you agree or


There is no denying that education is of pivotal importance, in preparing youth for future challenges. Many academics, however, contend that it is the government’s duty to provide free education for all, regardless of their financial status. In my opinion, this proposition merits little consideration and should be rejected as one can see several strong elements against it.

There is a myriad of reasons why offering free education to all is not practicable. First, this will involve astronomical expenditures on teachers, staff, books and other logistics. Few governments, be it wealthy or poor can successfully afford these colossal expenses without charging any fees. Apparently, the overall standard of education is likely to deteriorate. What seems more pragmatic in this scenario is that only the students from underprivileged backgrounds should be entitled to government support. Not only will this step help impoverished families become solvent and self-reliant, but it will also contribute a great deal to the development of a nation. This is because the higher the literacy rate is, the more skilled the workforce is.

Another key facet of free education for all lies in the fact that thanks to the government’s enormous budget on education, infrastructure development in other
vital sectors such as health care, accommodation, transport and the like will suffer immensely. As such, it will not benefit people as expected because people will enjoy advanced facilities in one field but will be famished or deprived in the other, due to the government’s lack of a balanced approach in its expenditures.

From what has been discussed, one can conclude that ensuring education for all is a prerequisite to the development of a nation. Nevertheless, offering it free to all, be it haves or have-notch, is not a valid and pragmatic approach to achieving this goal, as it engenders greater drawbacks than upsides.

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