Importance of cars and airplane in modern life

Importance of cars and airplane in modern life 63

Importance of cars and airplane in modern life

In this modern era, air travels and motorcycles play a vital role in each passing day in the individual’s life. Without these things, our life is not possible. I firmly believe that without vehicles our life is impossible, nowadays. In this essay, we discuss the importance of cars and airplane in modern life and leads to a plausible conclusion.

To begin with, there are multi-function advantages of cars and airplanes. First and foremost, it helps the individual in traveling for long distances like a motorcycle is not as much comfortable. And it takes a longer time period to reach our destination. Secondly, it is only suitable for 2 persons while cars provide vast facilities. In worse weather, it comes in immensely handy for people. For instance, people in a rainy season, cannot go outside on bikes. Cars also become a status symbol in this contemporary era.

Importance of cars and airplane in modern life

Probing further, airplanes also make our life easier to go in such countries which were like a dream in our past life. These days, students want to go abroad for higher studies. In this way, the airplane is crucial to reaching other countries. Moreover, airplanes help to progress the economy of our country. Some farmers sell their product in foreign countries to earn a big chunk of money such as kiwi fruit which is from a new island but now available in India.

It is a faster mode of transport for a person who has to go here and there in a short time period. It is a time-saving transport for individuals who have not much time. With the help of airplane, other country’s people come in our country to visit historical places which help to broaden the horizon of knowledge. Especially for tourist, it makes the bond stronger between two countries people.

On the other hand, airplanes and cars also have a negative side. It makes environmental degradation. And it emitted obnoxious gases which cause rumbustious gases to our environment. Also, it causes much havoc to the health of human being like many diseases is escalating with each passing day.

Additionally, the airplane is highly expensive. Middle-class people cannot afford any journey on the airplane. With the increase in cars, causes traffic problems, road accidents, pollution and what not.

To conclude, it is immensely clear that airplanes and cars help people in many ways. The importance in today’s era increases due to population increases. Also, these both things make our life easier.

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