Important tips get 65+ 79+ in PTE Speaking Writing Reading Listening

Important tips get 65+ 79+ in PTE Speaking Writing Reading Listening

Important tips get 65+ 79+ in PTE Speaking Writing Reading


Hello everyone, today I’m going to share with you some Important tips get 65+ 79+. As we know that PTE is becoming more and more popular these days and a number of people are practicing today with their own tips get 65+ 79+. But sadly though, they often confuse to decide which topic of module they have to focus more and how can they manage their time to practice fruit-fully everyday day. It often happens with everyone because we don’t know that time on what we are practicing is much necessary or not. Yes, this is the main reason for which we often confuse to do proper practice. While practicing, we think that every topic is necessary and we have to give equal time to each and every topic in order to get required band score but actually it is not. There are some topic which do not have so many marks and that do not need special practice. Now, You feel surprising on what I’m saying but yes, it is right. There are some topics which have just 1 or 2 marks on what we do not need to give much time.

Apart from it, there are also some topics which have maximum marks and that topics are in every module. You can give your maximum time to practice those modules which have maximum marks and can easily get 65+ or 79+. Now, the question comes in our mind that which are these topics? Here I’m going to share with you these topics along with how many marks we can get from it:

Topics having maximum marks in PTE(Pearson test of English)
Name No.s Marks in Speaking Marks in Writing Marks in Reading Marks in Listening
Read Aloud 7-8 22 22
Repeat Sentence 10-12 12 20
Describe image 6-7 22
Retell Lecture 2-3 28 10
Summ. written text 2-3 10 10
Essay 1-2 12
Fill-ups (Drag&Drop) 4-5 15
Re-order 2-3 6
Fill-ups(Drop Down) 5-6 22 22
Summ. spoken text 2-3 12 10
Write from dictation 3-4 28 20

As we can see in the table that ‘Read aloud’ is the main topic to get a huge number of marks in speaking as well as in Reading. And we know that it is the easiest task too. After this, “Repeat sentence” has 12 marks of speaking and 20 marks of listening which is a plus point to get higher marks in listening. After this, “Describe image” has 22 marks of speaking which we can get easily by using some templates. Then, “Retell-lecture” has 28 marks of speaking and 10 marks of listening which makes it most important to practice. So, by using some tips and templates in these speaking’s topics, we can get higher marks in speaking and can get maximum marks in listening and Reading. The tips to get higher scores in these topics will be mentioned after discussion on this table.

Let’s move on writing module. We can see that “Summarize written text” has 10 marks of both “Reading” and “Writing”,  which we can get easily by making just a summary of 25 words. Similarly, we can also get 12 marks in essay with the help of some common vocabulary words and a proper template. In reading, you need to solve Re-order and fill in the blanks carefully as fill-ups has marks of writing along with Reading module. In Listening, summarize spoken text has 10 marks of “Listening” and 12 marks of “Writing” which we can easily get if we listen it with fully consciousness and write down important key points. “Write from dictation” is the main part to get higher marks in Listening and writing. It is so easy part if we have consciousness while listening to dictations. According to the detail mentioned in the table, Dictations have 20 marks of “Listening” and 28 marks of “Writing”. So, we have to practice more on “Repeat-sentence” because if you are able to do repeat sentences, you can easily do “Write from dictation” because it is easier than “Repeat sentence”. So, you have to practice to understand “Repeat Sentence”. The practice of these topics can let you to get 65+ or 79+ band score easily.

Another topics like “Multiple questions, single or multiple answers” of “Reading” or “Listening module, “Highlight incorrect words” etc. do need any special practice. You can easily beat them with your natural practice to “Listening” and “Reading”. You can do this natural practice by reading english books and listen to audio lectures like Ted&talks, Tim-ferris show etc. The tips and way to practice on these topics are mentioned ahead:

Tips for main topics get 65+ 79+ Topics of Speaking Writing Reading Listening

We can easily get full marks in all important topics that are discussed above with the help of some tips and strategies. These tips are mentioned below according to each important topic:

Read aloud: In Read aloud, you have to focus mainly on your fluency and pronunciation. Because apart of content’s marks, the fluency and pronunciation’s marks are also added in overall speaking score. You can easily get marks of content by reading whole the paragraphs. Just you have to work-out on your fluency and pronunciation.

Repeat sentence- Do practice on 40-50 Repeat sentences daily. It will help to increase your short term memory which improve you performance in Repeat sentence. All you need is to close you eyes, focus on the sentence and listen it carefully. Without opening your eyes, you have to speak the sentence as it is.
Describe image- For Describe image, you do not need to cover all the data, just you have to check out its introduction, the given data, the increasing and decreasing trends, and its conclusion. These 4 to 5 lines are enough to get full marks in describe image.

Retell lecture- Retell lecture is quite bit difficult as we often waste out time to find out the important line. All we have to do in it is to stop focusing on writing down the maximum content. Just write down the main key point that will let you to remember whole sentence. And try to understand as maximum content as you can. Then, withing 10 seconds, fit that main sentence in key points and speak out what you understand.

Summarize written text- One thing I would like to share with you is that you writing summary should not be more than 40 words. You have to read out the full paragraph. While reading paragraphs, try to figure out the sentences in which the writer mentioned about main topic and its supportive things. These supportive things could be its advantages, disadvantages, problems, solutions, its history etc. Just try to figure out 3 to 4 lines and then make only one sentence from these lines with the help of connectors. Make sure that this one sentence is describing the whole concept correctly or not. Here are some connectors that you can use to connect your sentences:

  • Moreover
  • Furthermore
  • In addition
  • Also
  • Apart from it
  • Nevertheless
  • Nonetheless
  • Although
  • Despite
  • So
  • Hence
  • Therefore
  • As a result

Essay writing- For essay writing, you have a template or an idea that on what you’ll write down. You have to write down this essay in four paragraphs. First paragraph should describe the introduction, second paragraph should describe its supporting ideas, third paragraph should describe its supporting or against ideas, and fourth paragraph should describe its conclusion. For instance, you’ll be given an essay topic – Parents should be responsible for their children. How much extent do you agree?

In order to write down om this essay, you can first write its introduction that what is it actually. And then you can give you opinion too in this introduction. Then, you can write down supporting ideas in paragraph 1 and write down its against ideas in paragraph 2 with some examples. At the end, you have to give the conclusion which clarify that what should we agree on this topic.

Reading- For reading, you do not need to do practice all the day to solve fill-ups, re-orders etc. In order to improve you reading skills, you have to start reading english books which will help you to increase your long term memory and understanding power. With it, you can understand the whole meaning of any reading topic and can find out the correct answer. Moreover, you have to improve you vocabulary because there are some paragraphs which have some vocabulary words. So, if your vocabulary is rich, then you can easily get the exact meaning and can find the correct answer. To improve your vocabulary skills, you have to read articles on technology, environment, health, science etc. And write down all vocabulary words that you meet with in these articles. You can get its meaning through translators.

Summarize spoken text- In summarize spoken text, you can easily get all main points if your listening ability is good. To improve your listening ability, you have to listen english videos, programs, movies, mainly lectures on technology as much as you can. It will make your mind more familiar with English and your mind will become more able to understand and remember the meaning of english lecture.

Write from Dictation- It is the easiest and most important part of listening as well writing as it has 28 marks of listening and writing separately. We can get all its marks by writing all the sentences as it was spoken. If you are good in Repeat sentence, then these marks are just like free for you. Because we just have to understand the sentence in both Repeat sentence and write from dictation. The different is just that in Repeat sentence, we have to Re-speak what we heard while in Write from dictation, we have to write down what we heard.

So, here are all the tips and important topic that will definitely help you to get 65+ or 79+ in PTE. I hope you would like it. If you have any question, then write down in comment section below. We will be here for you as early as possible. Thank you.

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