impossible knowledge Programming

impossible knowledge Programming speaking Read aloud 14

impossible knowledge Programming speaking Read aloud 14

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Using more than fifty interviews, awards-wining writer Danny Danziger creates a fascinating mosaic of the people behind New York’s magnificent Metropolitan Museum of Art – from the aristocratic, acerbic director of the museum, Philippe De-Montebello, to the curators who have a deep knowledge and passionate appreciation of their collections, from the security guards to the philanthropists who keep the museum’s financial life blood flowing.

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Most words have experienced several changes in meaning throughout their history, so that it is impossible to say which stage in their meaning is the “true” meaning. And if we attempt to go back to “the beginning,” we find it is impossible, for the origins of many words are difficult to trace back.

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So, as much as this is a book about the experience of traveling – the contemplation of cities that are vast in scale and villages that are as remote and strange as anything Westerners are ever likely to encounter – it is also a book that tries to describe another kind of journey.

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Much of what people do today disguises a desperate search for meaning, the result of the crisis of belief that has become a major problem of the western world. On the other hand, the elites and their high culture suffer a loss of confidence, and aimless consumerism is widespread; on the other, powerful new myths arise, as with sporting heroes.

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Programming is the art of expressing solutions to problems so that a computer can execute those solutions. Much of the effort in programming is spent finding and refining solutions. Often, a problem is only fully understood through the process of programming a solution for it.

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