In past 100 years, most important invention

In past 100 years, most important invention 87

In past 100 years, most important invention 87

In the past 100 years, there have been many inventions such as antibiotics, aeroplanes, and computers. What do you think is the most important invention of them? Why? The greatest invention in the last 100 years, medicine, science or technology?

There are immense inventions till now, and every design is useful for us in some way directly or indirectly. Everyone has a different perception to tell which invented thing is crucial in our daily routine life or not. But according to my point of view computers and the internet is the best-invented item of recent times. I will elaborate on my views in the forthcoming paragraphs and will lead to a plausible conclusion.

Internet, there are a lot of advantages of the Internet in our daily life. For instance, to be taken as we don’t need to go outside to book tickets or to stand in long queue’s at stations, airports, etc. Furthermore, the Internet connects people through social media. It also helps in online shopping. We can shop for anything online such as grocery, home-interior, clothes, other households as well. Except all, we can order food too for any sudden occasion. It is apparent how the Internet is useful for our daily life.

Company’s Authorities take employees ideas or not 86

On the contrary, as we know “Every rose has its thorns.” So, it also has some negative externalities. To cite an example, we are doing everything online from our bed and not going outside to do anything. It leads to numerous problems such as health issues, obesity. It makes us lazier too. Owing to this, it becomes a big concern for individuals and society.

In conclusion, after inspection upon further paragraphs, we can say that recent inventions have various positive aspects with some negative externalities. In a nutshell, it can be concluded that we should use to updated technology upto a limit but not addicted to them.

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