In under developed countries tourism has advantages and disadvantages

In under developed countries tourism has advantages and disadvantages 46

In underdeveloped countries, tourism has advantages and disadvantages

In under developed countries tourism has advantages and disadvantages

It is irrefutable fact that tourism plays a crucial role in country economic growth in today’s world low-cost airfare has made international travel easier and many countries have therefore developed their tourism industries for the purpose of economic growth it has numerous advantages and disadvantages for the country. I will elaborate it in the forthcoming paragraphs

First of all there are significant benefits that tourism brings to a country for instance a thriving tourist industry implies an increasing need of variety of services such as hotels transport restaurant and entertainment Thus it directly creates a number of job for native people No doubt tourists are largely attracted by beautiful landscapes As the number of beautiful natural landscapes increase the attraction of tourists will also be increased which would be much beneficial for country.

On the other hand, there are aspects of tourism that may prove harmful to a country. Many people influenced by foreigners and changes their lifestyle customs and languages which cause the country traditionally Moreover tourists often carry expensive objects and much money and are aware of their surroundings they make good targets for theft So it also has a bad impact of countries reputations.

In conclusion, tourism is much benefit of to an economy and environment of the country it has both pros and aims According to me a country should increase more tourist places because it provides not only job opportunities to native people but also improve the economic strength of the country.


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