Large shopping malls are replacing small shops Essay 33

Large shopping malls are replacing small shops Essay 33

Large shopping malls are replacing small shops Essay 33

Essay 33

Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What is your opinion about this? Discuss with appropriate examples.


Mall culture has become big business, as shopping malls have evolved into multi-storied structures housing a large number of stores that sell diverse products and services. Shopping malls house a collection of retail stores and restaurants.

Parking is one of the major hassles for people who go into the city to shop. Shopping at malls eliminates this problem because parking is provided either free of charge or for a nominal fee. This makes it advantageous for people to choose to shop at a mall rather than a single store. Families who choose to visit a mall on the weekend or holiday for a family outing find it to be a more convenient option mainly because parking is provided.

Visiting a mall is advantageous because of the numerous stores housed in one complex. Groceries, clothes, shoes, reading material, food courts, cinemas, and
entertainment arcades are available in one place. Malls make great meeting places for friends to catch up over coffee at a café or a meal at the food court. One of the major disadvantages – These include excessive crowding, especially on weekends and holidays. Crowded aisles and stores make shopping very difficult;
people often end up forgetting items they needed to buy. Parking can also be a problem when the mall is very crowded.

The temptation to browse is always present, and browsing often leads to buying things that are not needed. Keeping to a monthly budget becomes increasingly difficult every time you visit the mall. With all the sales and special offers intended to tempt buyers, saying “no” becomes very hard.

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