Listening task guidelines, Multiple choice questions, Fill the blanks

Listening task guidelines, Multiple choice questions, Fill the blanks

 Listening task guidelines

In listening task, your English listening ability is a skill that can be learned and improved upon.Listening to English Television shows, podcasts or audiobooks can improve our listening skills. To improve listening skills, audiobooks or English movies will be the most helpful. Advantages to listen to these audios that if you are unable to catch any part, then you go back and listen again and again. I strongly suggest spending some time actually listening to English. This can be improved upon passively while taking a walk, commuting to work/college etc.

Just because you know to read a word doesn’t ensure you will actually pick it up once you learn it. There could be a possibility that it is pronounced in a different way than what you think.

Fill the blanks Multiple choice questions

Listening task

MCQ choose multiple Answer : (2 to 3 questions)

In this section, there is negative marking. Usually, in the exam, if there are 5 or 6 options only 2 options correct. As there is negative marking for each incorrect option so don’t try to attempt more answers. Read the passage carefully and find out the answer to the questions and then finally read the options to match your answer with the options. Take about 2 minutes to solve this one.

Fill the blanks

In this section, a transcript of the recording appears on screen with several blanks. After listening to the recording, type the missing word in each gap.

There will be 2-3 items sets in the exam from this section. Each recording will be between 40-90 seconds longs. To fill the correct words, you should listen to the recording properly and type answers correctly. Here, 1mark for each correct word.

During listening, don’t bother with spellings when filling initially. Just make sure you quickly capture the word and staying in the same text as the recording. Try not to lag behind or go too ahead. Once you are done filing all the blanks quickly revisit them and correct any spelling errors. Incorrectly spelled words get zero marks.

Fill the blanks Fill the blanks Fill the blanks

Multiple choice questions  Multiple choice questions Multiple choice questions

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