Mencho Authorities Reorder paragraphs practice 12

Mencho Authorities Reorder paragraphs practice 12

Mencho Authorities Reorder paragraphs practice 12

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. Iraq War

a) And nobody paid attention to the smooth talking freshman Senator from Tennesssee, who turned out to have some financial issues.

b) The Iraq war had gone south and the Republications had just been routed in midterms.

c) Corker took office in January, 2007, during the last gasp of the Bush Rove political juggernaut.

d) The financial crisis was just around the corner.

Answers: d b d a


2. Mencho Authorities

a) “But with Mencho, you don’t hear that. He’s kind of a ghost.”

b) Still, narco groups sing about his enthusiasm for motor bikes and cockfights.

c) Authorities have few photos of the exclusive EI Mencho today.

d) “Over 25 years of working in Mexico, you’d run into guys who had met Chapo, would talk about him,” a former DEA agent told Eells.

Answers- c d b a

Mencho Authorities Reorder paragraphs practice 12dhdh

3. Gentlemen Sudhir Mishra

a) So it was a huge honor for me.

b) It was an electrifying experience for me because I was, of course ,a struggling actor then.

c) I was excited because I remember a masterclass that I had attended a few years ago in Bombay where Sudhir Mishra was interviewing Yash ji.

d) To hear these two gentlemen whose cinema I’ve grown up watching gave me a lot of hope, a lot of life anecdotes that I could learn from and cherish.

e) So I feel I must be doing something right if I have been chosen to host masterclass.

Answers- c b d a e

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