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Nobel Peace Prize Parents Birth Order Affects Their Parenting Summary Text 10

Nobel Peace Prize Parents Birth Order Affects Their Parenting

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 1. Nobel Peace Prize

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize justly rewards the thousands of scientists of the United Nations Climate Change Panel (the IPCC). These scientists are engaged in excellent, painstaking work that establishes exactly what the world should expect from climate change.

The other award winner, former US Vice President Al Gore, has spent much more time telling us what to fear. While the IPCC’s estimates and conclusions are grounded in careful study, Gore doesn’t seem to be similarly restrained.

Gore told the world in his Academy Award-winning movie (recently labeled “one-sided” and containing “scientific errors” by a British judge) to expect 20-foot sea-level rises over this century. He ignores only a half-foot and two feet over this century, with their best expectation being about one foot. That’s similar to what the world experienced over the past 150 years.

Likewise, Gore agonizes over the accelerated melting  of ice in Greenland and what it means for the planet, but overlooks the IPCC’s conclusion that, if sustained, the current rate of melting would add just three inches to the sea level rise by the end of the century. Gore also takes no notice of research showing that Greenland’s temperatures were higher in 1941 than they are today.

Gore also frets about the future of polar bears. He calms they are drowning as their icy habitat disappears. However, the only scientific study showing any such thing indicates that four polar bears drowned because of a storm.

The politician-turned-movie maker loses sleep over a predicted rise in heat-related deaths. There’s another side of the story that’s inconvenient to mention: rising temperatures will reduce the number of cold spells, which are a much bigger killer than heat. The best study shows that by 2050, heat will claim 400,000 more lives, but 1.8 million fewer will die because of cold. Indeed, according to the first complete survey of the economic effects of climate change for the world, global warming will actually save lives.



Al Gore, in his award-winning movie, expresses his fear about sea-level rises over this century, the accelerated melting of ice in Greenland, the future of polar bears predicted rise in heat related deaths and these concerns go scientific studies done by his co-winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, the IPCC.


 2. Parents Birth Order Affects Their Parenting

Parents own birth order can become an issue when dynamics in the family they are raising replicate the family in which they were raised. Agati notes common examples, such as a firstborn parent getting into ” raging battle ” with a firstborn child. “Both are used to getting the last word.” Each has to be right. But the parent has to be the grown-up and step out of that battle,” he advises. When youngest placed on them, they =, in turn, may not see their kids for their abilities.” (Parents Birth Order)

But he also notes that since youngest children tend to be more social, youngest parents can be helpful to their firstborn, who may have a harder time with social situations. These parents can help their eldest kids loosen up and not be so hard on themselves. Mom Susan Ritz says her own birth order didn’t seem to affect her parenting until the youngest of her three children, Julie, was born. Julie was nine years younger than Ritz oldest, Joshua, mirroring the age difference between Susan and her own older brother. “I would see Joshua do to Julie what my brother did to me,” she says of the taunting and teasing by a much older sibling. (Parents Birth Order)

“I had to try not to always take Julie’s side.” Biases can surface no matter what your own birth position was, as Lori Silver stone points out. “M a middle myself, I can be harder on my older daughter. I recall my older sister hitting me,” she says of her reactions to her daughters, tussles.

“My husband is a firstborn. He’s always sticking up for the oldest. He feels bad for her that the others came so fast. He helps me to see what that feels like, to have that attention and then lose it.” Silver stone sees birth-order triggers as “an opportunity to heal parts of ourselves.  I’ve learned to teach my middle daughter to stand up for herself. My mother didn’t teach me that. I’am conscious of giving my middle daughter tools so she has a nice way to protect herself.”

Whether or not you subscribe to theories that birth order can affect your child’s personality, ultimately, “we all have free will,” Agati notes. It’s important for both parents and kids to realize that, despite the characteristics often associated with birth order,”you’re not locked into any role.”


Despite the theory that parent’s own birth order can affect their parenting, and that parents usually replicate the family in which they were raised, both parents and children have free will to build up their own personality and characteristics.

Beauty Contest Comparative Advantages Summary Written Text 9

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