Nowadays millions of dollars spent on space research 92

Nowadays millions of dollars spent on space research 92

Nowadays millions of dollars spent on space research 92

Nowadays millions of dollars are spent on space research every year. Some people argue that the money should be spent on other essential areas such as healthcare and education. What is your opinion?

Many developed or developing countries are spending on Space Exploration nowadays. Space Exploration is a long process which requires significant funds and time. People argue that Space Exploration is a waste of time and money. This amount should be spent to improve other problems faced by people on earth like education, healthcare, etc. I firmly believe that improve the living standards of developing nations is, but space exploration plays an essential role in the development of any country. I will elaborate on my views in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To begin with, space exploration can offer a solution to many problems like the growing population, accurate prediction about a natural disaster, etc. Scientists are focusing on looking for the planets that can support human life, which may be the solution for the earth’s growing population. Through Space Exploring, we have satellites which help to access televisions, radios, etc. The scientist is always developing new technology space program as well as for us also like GPS systems (which is being used in almost all the smartphones, tablets, etc.), Teflon-coated fiberglass (which is now used as roofing material).

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On the other hand, it cannot be denied that space explorations put the astronauts’ lives in danger. While training astronauts, making rockets, and space shuttles, all these cost a substantial amount of money. This much money is enough to change the life of people of any emerging country like Africa.

To conclude, I believe that its an ethical responsibility of other countries to wipe out problems from their neighboring nations. Meanwhile, research on space exploration should continue until we get desired results. Although its time consuming once we get success, then it will leave undeniable marks on our lives.

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