Online Practice of Fill the blanks for PTE Reading task

Online Practice of Fill the blanks for PTE Reading task

Online Practice of Fill the blanks for PTE Reading task

Question 1: Indian Onion

With its capacity for bringing down governments and scarring political careers, the onion plays an explosive role in Indian politics. This week, reports of rising onion prices have made front-page news and absorbed the attention of the governing elite.

The most vital/staple ingredient in Indian cooking, the basic element with which all dishes begin and, normally, the cheapest vegetable available, the pink onion is an essential item in the shopping basket of families of all classes.

But in recent weeks, the onion has started to seem an unaffordable luxury for India’s poor. Over the past few days, another sharp surge/increase in prices has begun to unsettle the influential urban middle classes.

The sudden spike in prices has been caused by large exports to neighboring countries and a shortage of supply.

(**Colored words are the answers )

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Question 2: Kashmir Whispers of Rediscovered Appeal

Two decades ago, Kashmiri houseboat-owners rubbed their hands every spring at the prospect of the annual influx of tourists. From May to October, the hyacinth choked waters of Dal Lake saw flotillas of vividly painted Shikaras carrying Indian families.

Then, in 1989, everything changed. Hindus and countless Kashmiri business people bolted, at least 35,000 people were killed in a decade, the lake stagnated and the houseboats rotted. Any foreigners venturing there risked their lives– proved in 1995 when five young Europeans were kidnapped and murdered.

(**Colored words are the answers )

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Question 3: Stress Knows Few Borders

Stress that tense feeling often connected to having too much to do, too many bills to pay and not enough time or money is a common emotion that knows few borders.

About three-fourths of people in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy South Korea and the United Kingdom say they experience stress on a daily basis, according to a polling.Those anxious feelings are even more intense during the holidays.

Germans feel stress more intensely than those in other countries polled. People in the US cite financial pressure as the top worry. About half the people in Britain said they frequently or sometimes felt life was beyond their control, the highest level in the 10 countries surveyed.

(**Colored words are the answers )

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