Pearson read aloud recent exam question practice 36

Pearson read aloud recent exam question practice 36

Pearson read aloud recent exam question practice 36

Look at the text below. In 40 seconds, you must read this text aloud as naturally and as clearly as possible. You have 40 seconds to read aloud.


Now, there has been some research that has come out in the last five years or so that suggests there may be a danger to cell phone usage, especially in children, whose brains are very susceptible to this kind of radiation. so, if you are using a cell phone, I think you should consider using it on speakerphone or getting a special headset that allows you to talk with the phone away from your head rather than next to it.


For thousands of years, turmeric has been used as a dye, spice, and a medicine in South East Asia, India and the Middle East. It has long been known for its health properties, but recently Western scientists have discovered just how powerful of a medicine turmeric really is. It can help prevent cancer and Alzheimec’s disease, reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, improve our liver function, and more.


An earth-ship is made from natural and recycled materials like tires, cans, bottles, earth, used wood and plastic. Also, they are off-the-grid homes, meaning that they do not need to rely on public utilities (like electricity) which is usually generated with fossil fuels or nuclear power. The burning of fossil fuels leads to pollution and global warming, while nuclear power plants can be highly poisonous if they leak.


Well, one way to your contact hours with English that you can actually understand is through a practice called extensive reading. The idea is that you choose books to read that are very easy and understand, and you then read lots and lots of them. For most learners, this involves using graded readers that is , books written using the most common English words for people who are not yet fluent at English.


Daniel remembers receiving a book on counting when he was four. Where others saw numbers, he saw images. To Daniels’s mind, each number had a shape, a color and a texture of its own. Neurologists call this condition synaestesia. For example., 89 meant ‘snow’ to Daniel, and the number six meant ‘sadness.’


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