Some people believe law changes human behavior Essay writing 5

Some people believe law changes human behavior Essay writing 5

Some people believe law changes human behavior Essay writing 5

 Essay 5

Some people believe law changes human behavior. Do you agree/disagree?


Law can change human behavior. Do you agree or not?


Governments are ruled by the set of policies to facilitate people and provide them safe, healthy and comfortable life. The set of policies are also referred as legal laws from the state for the citizens for their betterment. The law is to respect and take care people other in the society. A group of people believes that by following the law continuously it may become a habit and can affect people behavior.

In our daily life, we are surrounded by many facilities and means of interactions and communications which are controlled by the respective regulatory authorities. These are dictating to how to use and  interact with the facilities and comforts means. We use to drive car which have certain set of rules to abide by the citizen of a country. Sometime by keep following the rules we make our habit and it come into our behavior such as giving indicator light before making car turn to other direction. Fasten seat belt before start the car accelerator or stop when signal light turned red.

One the contrary, when laws are imposed off to put fear on the people to stop from being doing something which may not be prohibited and against the ethics. The person will only do because he is scaring to accuse of against the law. Anything that is not favorable to any person, will only follow because is frightened of law enforcement punishment. The law which is against the nature of a person will never result with the behavior changes.

In conclusion, it is unfairly possible that laws can change human behavior unless and until a person adapt and convince personally. Therefore, it is also responsibility of the regulatory authorities that they should also give awareness to the people about the benefits and useful implications of laws.

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