Psychological stress Reorder paragraphs 20

Psychological stress Reorder paragraphs 20

Psychological stress Reorder paragraphs 20

Re-Order Paragraphs

1. Psychological stress

a) Consequently, most psychological injury prevention interventions incorporate stress management and other psychological skills training.

b) The most evident predictor is stress.

c) Different kinds of sport injury prevention strategies have been accomplished such as neuro-muscular and warm-up programs.

d) More recently, pscychological intervention studies have been completed with the purpose of preventing sports injuries.

Answers:- c d b a


2. Steer boys and girls

a) In fact, the cultural traits that are transmitted continue to steer boys and girls towards sports that are associated more with musculinity or femininity, respectively.

b) Thus, sport seems to the maintenance of inequality and gender stereotypes from the beginning of sports participation.

c) This analysis was based on a review of various theoretical and empirical perspective reported in the literature, which indicated that the process of socialisation in sports exerts a strong influence on behavioral differences and the development of identitiy at this age (between 12 and 13 years.)

d) Moreover, in girls, this process often leads to a conflict of roles between feminity and participation in sport.

Answers- c d b a

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3. Sports and games activities

a) It is generally organized in the stadium or arena having big and clear boundaries.

b) To get involved in the sports and games, sportsperson need to have some athletic characteristics such as stamina, speed, acceleration, strength, accuracy etc.

c) Sports and games are involved with brisk physical activities including various physical and tactical challenges.

d) Sports and games activities are organized time to time in all the countries at national and international level as a competition for spectators.

e) It is very entertaining and interesting field especially for the youths as they enjoy their hobby and a bright career too.

Answers- c d  b a e

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