PTE academic re-order paragraph reading 2019

PTE academic re-order paragraph reading 2019

# PTE academic re-order paragraph reading 2019

The text boxes below have been placed in random order. Restore the original order by rearranging the text boxes in the correct sequence.

1. re-order

a) The energy sector has a fantastic skills shortage at all levels, both now and looming over it for the next 10 years.

b) With the pressures of climate change and the energy gap, in the last few years funding from the research councils has probably doubled.

c) Engineers are much needed to develop greener technologies.

d) Not only are there some good career opportunities, but there’s a lot of money going into the research side, too.

2. re-order

a) But what Darwin rightly recognized is that – panda fans avert your eyes-worm conservation is much more important once we factor in their provision of what we now call “ecosystem services”, which are crucial to human survival.

b) Not all wildlife is created equal in our eyes.

c) Take the earthworm, which doesn’t have the widespread appeal of larger, more charismatic animals such as gorillas, tigers or pandas.

d) Worms are never going to get a strong “cute response”, and they won’t ever be the face of a conservation campaign.

3. re-order

a) Arcelor, established in Dutch, had been the largest European steelmaker by 2006.

b) The takeover battle raged for six months before Arcelor’s bosses finally listened to shareholders who wanted the board to accept Mittal’s third offer.

c) The Arcelor-Mittal deal demonstrates Europe’s deepening integration into the global economy.

d) It was taken over by Mittal, a Dutch-registered company run from London by its biggest single shareholder, Lakshmi Mittal, an Indian who started his first business in Indonesia.

4. re-order

a) Another example of an endothermic reaction is the cold packs used by athletes to treat injuries.

b) When it is mixed with water in your mouth, an endothermic reaction occurs, taking heat energy from your mouth and making it feel cooler.

c) Sherbet powder is a mix of baking soda and citric acid.

d) This process is endothermic-taking heat energy from the surrounding and cooling the injured part of your body. In this way, the cold pack acts as an ice pack.

5. re-order

a) In actual driving, however, the driver has to relate the code to a continuous flow of changing circumstances and may even break it from time to time.

b) Separate from actual performance – what he or she does while producing or comprehending language, In other words, competence is put to use through performance.

c) Knowing the Highway Code is not the same as driving.

d) In language learning there is a distinction between competence and performance. Competence is a state of the speaker’s mind. What does he or she know?

e) An analogy can be made to the Highway Code is driving. Drivers know the code and have indeed been tested on it to obtain a driving license.

6. re-order

a) According to legend, Copernicus received a copy as he was dying, on May 24, 1543.

b) The book opened the way to a truly scientific approach to astronomy. It had a profound influence on later thinkers of the scientific revolution, including such major figures as Galileo, Johannes Kepler, and Isaac Newton.

c) Copernicus probably hit upon his main idea sometime between 1508 and 1514.

d) The historic book that contains the final version of his theory, De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium Libri VI (“Six Books Concerning the Revolutions of the Heavenly Orbs”), did not appear in print until 1543, the year of his death.

e) For years, however, he delayed publication of his controversial work, which contradicted all the authorities of the time.

7. re-order

a) The recent high-profile conferences on development issues, which have continued a series that began in the 1970s, have broken new ground in many areas: by involving Presidents, Prime Ministers and other heads of stateĀ  – as pioneered at the 1990 World Summit for children.

b) These problems otherwise would not have the political urgency to grab front-page headlines and command the attention of world leaders.

c) These events have put long-term, difficult problems like poverty and environmental degradation at the top of the global agenda.

d) Conferences have played a key role in guiding the work of the United Nations since its very inception.

e) In fact, the world body was born when delegates from 50 nations met in San Francisco in April 1945 for the United Nations Conferences on International Organization.

8. re-order

a) Often they also address the challenges experienced by the world’s poor.

b) We have facilitated more than $ 203 million in investment and worked with 250 innovative businesses whose goods and services produce clear, measurable environmental benefits, such as clean energy, efficient water use, and sustainable agriculture.

c) For example, one of the companies we work with in China, called Eco-star, refurbishes copy machines from the United States and re-sells or leases them for 20 percent less than a branded photocopier.

d) New Ventures is a program that helps entrepreneurs in some of the world’s most dynamic, emerging economies – Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, and Mexico.

9. re-order

a) But in the industrial era destroying the enemy’s productive capacity means bombing the factories which are located in the cities.

b) So in the agrarian era, if you need to destroy the enemy’s productive capacity, what you want to do is burn his fields, or if you’re really vicious, salt them.

c) Now in the information era, destroying the enemy’s productive capacity means destroying the information infrastructure.

d) How do you do battle with your enemy?

e) The idea is to destroy the enemy’s productive capacity and depending upon the economic foundation, the productive capacity is different in each case.

f) With regard to defense, the purpose of the military is to defend the nation and be prepared to do battle with its enemy.

10. re-order

a) Stephen Stanley, chief economist at RBS Greenwich Capital said: “Builders will probably have to continue to work off bloated stocks of finished homes for most 2007.”

b) Americans bought far fewer new homes last month, according to government data released on Wednesday that showed sales fell at the fastest rate in 13 years.

c)However, the Federal Reserve views the overhang of unsold homes as a cause for concern but remains cautiously optimistic the sector is stabilizing and will not derail the economy.

d) The biggest drop was in the west where sales fell 37 percent to an annual rate of 166,000

e) House prices also eased as the median cost of a new home fell 2.1 percent from a year ago to $ 239,800.

f) The pace of sales fell to 937,000 from a rate of 1.1m the previous month, while inventories of unsold homes stood at 537,00.


1.) c a d a b

2.) b c d a

3.) a d b c

4.) c b a d

5.) d b e a c

6) c e d a b

7.) d e a c b

8.) d b a c

9.) c a b d

10.) b e f d a c

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