PTE Listening Practice test 1 all modules practice

PTE Listening Practice test 1 all modules practice

PTE Listening Practice test 1 all modules practice

1. Summarize Spoken Text 

You will hear a short lecture. Write a summary for a fellow student who was not present at the lecture. You should write 50-7- words. You will have a 10 minutes to finish this task.

Lecture A


Lecture B


2. Multiple choice questions choose multiple answer

Listen to the recording and answer the questions by selecting all the correct responses. You will need to select the all correct options.

a) Which of the following technological advances have had an effect on the economics and distribution of music?

  1. piano sales
  2. electronic recording systems
  3. the Internet
  4. the popularity of pianolas
  5. the ability to download music

b) Which of the following statements is true of Rousseau’s beliefs in The Social Contract?

  1. Men form societies to better cope with the dangers in life.
  2. Society has a corrupting influence on people.
  3. By forming societies, law and morality come into force.
  4. Children’s emotions should be educated before their intellect.

3. Fill the blanks

a) Listen carefully to the recording and and fill in the blanks (1 to 8) 

Man Montrose School of Photography

Woman Hi, I saw your advert in the paper this week about photography courses. I just —-1—- what level the course is  is it for professionals or…..?

Man Well, we run —-2—- for all levels, right up to advanced. As we’re almost at the start of term most of the courses are full, but we do have a few places on the course for —-3—- which is the one you saw advertised.

Woman Oh, great. That’s what I was looking for. It is a —-4—- course, isn’t it? On Monday evenings?

Man That’s right. It’s from 8 to 10 p.m. We run the same course on Tuesday —-5—- in the summer, but not at this time of year.

Woman Ok. And it starts on —-6—- the .9th, is that right? OR is it the 16th?

Man Actually, the course itself starts on the 23rd, but before that we’re holding a —-7—- session on the 16th. That’s when you can come along and see whether the course is something you might be —-8—- in before you invest your money in the whole ten-week course.

b) Listen carefully to the recording and and fill in the blanks (1 to 6) 

Torby hotel has been open for over twenty years and we pride —-1—- on offering an excellent quality service. Many hotels say they want their          —-2—- to fell as comfortable at the hotel as they are in their own home. We think people want to fell like they’re away from it all, and we provide our —-3—- with a personal service and a bit of —-4—- they wouldn’t normally have, which is what keeps them —-5—- back. And it’s just as important to us that our employees are as happy as our guests, so I’m sure you’ll find the team —-6—- and supportive.

4. Highlight correct summary

Listen carefully to the recording and choose the correct response

Question 1.

A. There are different ideas about evolution but only in Western culture. This is because the Enlightenment only happened in the west.

B. There are different ideas about evolution but these really only came about in the nineteenth century.

C. There are different ideas about evolution and Alexander von Humboldt was a person as part of the Enlightenment who proposed some of these ideas.

D. There are different ideas about evolution and this is why Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a novel about a lost world.

Question 2.

A. Classical music should be called songs because that is the terminology that is used on iTunes.

B. Classical music should be called songs but only if they have lyrics, opera for example, can be called songs.

C. Classical music should not be called songs because eighty percent is purely instrumental.

D. Classical music should not be called songs because we should aim to be more sophisticated when referring to them.


5. Multiple choice choose single answer

Listen to the recording and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

Question 1. Which of the following is true according to the speaker?

  1. The concept of reasonable force is very clearly defined.
  2. Your use of force may be judged on how strong you are compared to the other person.
  3. If you hit someone first, you cannot then claim self-defense.
  4. Courts do not expect ordinary people to react rationally.

Question 2.  In the speaker’s opinion which of the following is true of editors who are also novelists?

  1. They are always able to see the novel from the author’s point of view.
  2. are sympathetic to the difficult lives authors lead.
  3.  may try to re-shape the novelist’s work in their own way.
  4. find it difficult to see the author’s real intentions.


6. Select Missing word

The last word or group of words is replaced by a beep. Please select the correct option to correct the recording.

Question.     1) and impromptu.

2) and part-time.

3) and considerable.

4) and sometime.

5) and break time.


Question.     1) the right thing.

2) the correct.

3) the opposite.

4) the structure.

5) the perfect place.

7. Highlight Incorrect words

Follow Strategy to score good marks.

  • Quickly read the text before you listen to focus on key words.
  • Follow the text with the cursor as you listen. Choose the wrong words from the text.
  • Focus on the words such as noun, adjectives, verbs.
  • Try to understand general topic and try to identify incorrect words.

Question 1.

The food and beverage industries spend more than $10 billion a year in the US to market their produce to children. And it’s money well spent for them, by age 2 kids may already harbor preferences for certain brands. And kids under 6 can often may already harbor with specific products, such as McDonald’s. Here’s how powerful McDonald’s brand is, accordance to a study just published in the August issue of the journal Archives of periodic and Adolescent Medicine: preschool kids were given the exact same food in either unbranded packages or in McDonald’s packaging.

But the kids, all between 3 and 5 years old, said they liked the taste better when the food looked like it was from McDonald’s. One of the foods tested was carrots. What’s up is that the kids said they liked quote McDonald’s carrots unquote better than just plain carrots by more than 2 or 1. And the more TV sets in a kid’s home, the more likely he or she was to prefer the food in McDonald’s bags.

Highlight incorrect words Listening practice 9-10

Question 2.

We all know that drinks can cloud judgment. That’s why you should never e-mail an ex after you’ve had a few. But for teenagers, doing dumb things now because of alcohol may be just the start. Because research with animals proves that drinking during adolescence can set you up for a whole lifeline of bad decisions. The study is in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. People who abuse alcohol when they’re young don’t always make good choices as adults.

But it’s been unclear whether the drink gives them stupids, or whether folks prone to poor choices are predisposed to drink. One way to tackle the question is by studying alcohol intake in animals, like rats.But rats don’t like to drink. So to make the alcohol more palpable, scientists infused it into a tasty “gel matrix”. Yes, the researchers gave teenage rats Jello shots. And the animals’ decision making ability stayed impaired well into adulthood, as marked by their tendency to chase after rewards with associated high risk rather than taking a sure thing. So, young party animals, remember the words of Faber’s Dean Wormer: “Drunk and stupid is no way to got through life, son”.

Highlight incorrect words Listening practice 9-10

8. Write From Dictation

In this task, you will hear 2 or three sentences which are of approximately 8 to 14 words. You have to write these sentences as it you heard and try to understand the sentence. You have to write these properly and write more and more words that you can.  This task hasn’t any boundary time. As we know this is the part of the listening module and for listening total time allotted depends on us how to use it. Moreover, you can listen the sentence only once. So, try to listen it properly in one time. For this, here we provide some questions for your general practice with answers.. So, listen the above video clips and do practice with us to give your best.





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  1. Summarise spoken text 1 :

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    Summarise Spoken text 2

    The talk delineates the important aspects of Roman- Latin writers of the period. The speaker mentions the particular qualities of Latin writing such that its great compressions and nature of Linguistic. However, there is a drawback in the system as education is only available to the richer society which make the subject matter is limited and narrowed.

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