PTE more than one response reading multiple questions 8

PTE more than one response reading multiple questions 8

PTE more than one response reading multiple questions 8

Read the text and answer the multiple Choice question by selecting all the correct responses . More than one response is correct.

1.) German automobile-maker Volkswagon overtook Toyota to become the world’s largest car manufacturer in 2016 VW, which also produces Audi, Porsche and Skoda cars, produced 10.3 million cars last year, about a hundred thousand more than its Japanese rival. American carmaker General Motors came in third. Toyota has dominated the car market in the last decade. these results are surprising, considering the fact that Volkswagen has been involved in a diesel emissions scandal for the past few years. Most of VW’s increases come from Europe and the Chinese market. In China, which could overtake Europe as VW’s biggest market, VW sold almost 4 million vehicles. Sales in the United States and Latin American countries dropped last year. The German car maker has under gone turbulent times during the last few years, but has managed to stabilize its sales. It desperately wants to earn back the trust of its customers, especially in the United States. A short time ago Volkswagen agreed to pay billions of dollars in compensation for installing software that would show wrong emission data in diesel vehicles. Toyota has responded by stating that being the world’s largest cars producers is not the company’s primary goal. According to a spokesperson, it just wants to continue making good cars.

Question: Which countries make the biggest contribution to volkswagen company sales.

a. Germany 

b. Japan

c. Europe

d. China

e. Latin, American Countries

PTE more than one response reading multiple questions 8

2. Volunteering to help people in need combined with travelling to faraway places is a new trend in the travel industry. It is called voluntourism. People travel to other countries, learn languages and other cultures and gain new experiences. On the other side, they volunteer to help others who are not as well off as they are. Recent statistics show that in the past few years voluntourism has been one of the fastest growing areas of tourism. More than 1.6 million people around the world are volunteers in other countries. They work in orphanages, help build schools, assist in hospitals and do farming work in developing countries. Some of them establish lasting bonds with people far away. While voluntourism has been around for over a century, modern volunteering started with the Peace Corps, a program that the US government started in the 1960’s. There are many reasons why people want to engage in voluntrists do not see volunteering as what it is. They think it is a cheap way of traveling and don’t really want to get involved in hard work. Not everyone sees voluntourism in a positive way. Critics say that if people really want to help those in need there are many opportunities in their own community to do this. On the other side, volunteers are often not skilled enough for the tasks that they do. Travel experts point out that in some cases voluntourists are exploited by the organization that sets up the trips.

Question: What is the aim of voluntourism?

a. Helping  and aiding people in need

b. To take a respite from routine study or job

c. To opt for cheap tourism

d. To spread the idea of voluntourism as  a new concept

e. To acquire skills and learn hard work.



Question 1:   c. Europe

                     d. China

Question 2:   a. Helping  and aiding people in need

                     b. To take a respite from routine study or job



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