PTE reading Reorder paragraphs practice test 46

PTE reading Reorder paragraphs practice test 46

# PTE reading Reorder paragraphs practice test 46

The text boxes below have been placed in random order. Restore the original order by rearranging the text boxes in the correct sequence.

1. re-order

a) And that the pursuit of money by whatever design within the law is always benign.

b) And it holds broadly that the greater the amount of money, the greater the intelligence.

c) This is the institutional truth of Wall Street; this you will be required to believe

d) The institutional truth of the financial world holds that association with money implies intelligence.

2. re-order

a) Miss Sullivan arrived at the Keller home when Helen was seven.

b) The deaf and blind Helen learned to communicate verbally.

c) But eventually, Miss Sullivan’s effort was rewarded.

d) Before Helen Keller was two years old, she lost her sight and her hearing.

e) Miss Sullivan worked closely with Helen, her new student.

3. re-order

a) Three years later, he earned a law degree from Duke University, where he was head of the student bar association and graduated near the top of his class.

b) He was the second of five sons of Francis Anthony Nixon (1878-1956), who struggled to earn a living running a grocery store and gas station, and his wife, Hannah Milhous Nixon (1885-1967).

c) He attended Whittier College, where he excelled as a debater and was elected president of the student body before graduating in 1934.

d) Ricard Milhous Nixon was born on January 9, 1913, in Yorba Linda, California.

4. re-order

a) The hyena-like animal, Palaeonictis wingi, evolved from the size of a bear to the size of a coyote during a 200,000 year period.

b) Extinct carnivorous mammals shrank in size during a global warming event that occurred 55 million years ago, according to a new University of Florida study.

c) Following this global warming event, Earth’s temperature cooled and the animal evolved to a larger size.

d) Earth’s average temperature in this period increased by about 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

e) The study describes a new species that evolved to half the size of its ancestors during this period of global warming.

5. re-order

a) As officials, their vision of a country shouldn’t run too far beyond that of the local people with whom they have to deal.

b) Ambassadors have to choose their words.

c) To say what they feel they have to say, they appear to be denying or ignoring part of what they know.

d) So, with ambassadors as with other expatriates in black Africa, there appears at a first Meeting a kind of ambivalence.

e) They do a specialized job and it is necessary for them to live ceremonial lives.

6. re-order

a) One of the unsettled scientific questions in the late 18th century was the exact nature of the shape of the earth.

b) This fact was established in the 1730s by French survey expeditions to Ecuador near the Equator and Lapland in the Arctic, which found that around the middle of the earth the arc was about a kilometer shorter.

c) The length of the one-degree arc would be less near the equatorial latitudes than at the poles.

d) While it was generally known that the earth was not a sphere but an ‘oblate spheroid’, more curved at the equator and flatter at the poles, the question of ‘how much moer’ was yet to be established.

e) One way of doing that is to determine the length of the arc along a chosen longitude or meridian at one-degree latitude separation.

7. re-order

a) Experts such as Larry Burns, head of research at GM, reckon that only such a full-hearted leap will allow the world to cope with the mass motorization that will one day come to China or India.

b) But once hydrogen is being produced from biomass or extracted from underground coal or made from water, using nuclear or renewable electricity, the way will be open for a huge reduction in carbon emissions from the whole system.

c) In the theory, once all the bugs have been sorted out, fuel cells should deliver a better total fuel economy than any existing engines.

d) That is twice as good as the internal combustion engine, but only five percentage points better than a diesel hybrid.

e) Allowing for the resources needed to extract hydrogen from hydrocarbon, oil, coal or gas, the fuel cell has an efficiency of 30%.

8. re-order

a) Then two astronomers the German, Johannes Kepler, and the Italian, Galileo Galilei-started publicly to support the Copernican theory, despite the fact that the orbits it predicted did not quite match the ones observed.

b) His idea was that the sun was stationary at the center and that the earth and the planets move in circular orbits around the sun.

c) A simple model was proposed in 1514 by a Polish priest, Nicholas Copernicus.

d) Nearly a century passed before this idea was taken seriously.

9. re-order

a) The establishment of the Third Reich influenced events in American history by starting a chain of events which culminated in war between Germany and the United States.

b) The Neutrality Acts of 1935 and 1936 prohibited trade with any belligerents or loans to them.

c) While speaking out against Hitler’s atrocities, the American people generally favored isolationist policies and neutrality.

d) The complete destruction of democracy, the prosecution of Jews, the war on religion the cruelty and barbarism of the allies, caused great indignation in this country and brought on fear another World War.

10. re-order

a) This feeling of an extensive group gives rise to a fellow feeling, a feeling of brotherhood amongst the citizens.

b) This feeling takes up beyond the bounds of family, caste, religion as well as region and helps us to develop a broad perspective that all of us together constitute an extensive group called ‘the nation’.

c) National integration is the feeling among all the citizens of a country that they all are part of one nation.

d) We do not, then, limit our thinking to our own caste or religion but think about all our fellow citizens.


  1.  d b a c
  2. d a e b c
  3. d b c a
  4. b e a d c
  5. b e a d c
  6. a d e c b
  7. c e d b a
  8. c b d a
  9. a d c b
  10. c b a d

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