PTE Repeat Sentence tips description tricks get 79+

PTE Repeat Sentence tips description tricks get 79+

PTE Repeat Sentence tips description tricks get 79+

Today, I’m going to share with you PTE Repeat Sentence tips description trick get 79+. As we know that PTE checks out language ability through four modules i.e. Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. All these modules have their some tasks ahead to judge our English skills. Repeat Sentence is a task of Speaking module which comes at 2 no., after Read aloud task in exam. In this, you will hear a sentence of 8 to 14 words. After listening to the sentence, you have to repeat it fluently. You will not be given any time for preparation.

It comes arround 8-10 one after the other. It gives marks of Speaking as well Listening. It has 12 marks of Speaking and 20 marks of Listening. You will get first 4-5 sentence quite bit easy as you can easily understand them, and repeat them without any problem. But last 5-6 sentences are little bit difficult and long up to 14 words. So, you have to prepare yourself for any type of sentence. To get full marks in it, you need to practice in this way:

1.Repeat sentences can be done perfectly with our good short-term memory. So, try to improve your short term memory. You can improve your short term memory with following tips.

2. When you start practicing Repeat sentence, close your eyes and try to focus completely on the sentence.

3. Be active to understand all the sentence and its meaning.

4. Once the sentence is completed. Don’t open your eyes to see whether the response time starts or not. Just repeat one time that sentence in your mind and find out what you’re leaving.

5. According to the sense of the sentence, try to complete it with your own understanding and words.

6. Once you have completed whole the sentence repeat it fluently, without loosing your pronunciation, and your confidence.

7. All you have to be active to do this all things because you will have just 2-3 seconds to do all that. These 2-3 seconds will not be given to you for preparation. These are left for you at the end of sentence recording.

8. Do this procedure daily on at least 30-40 Repeat sentences. Then you will see an actual performance in yourself. Your short term memory to understand things for a short time will increase and you can easily remember a sentence of even 14 words.

One of the main things I would like to share with you that is confidence. PTE exam procedure is so fast and time bound. So,  never loose your motivation if your one or two task goes wrong because it can affect your whole performance. So, don’t loose your motivation and don’t think about your performance. Just give your best and leave all on the result. Because if you start judging yourself in exam, you could not make your focus on every topic. So, stay positive while giving an exam and do practice of Repeat sentence like this.

Here was the PTE repeat sentence tips description get 79+. If you have any question, please write down in the comment section. We will be there for you shortly. Thank you 🙂

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