PTE Speaking Practice tips tricks strategies get 65+ 79+

PTE Speaking Practice tips tricks strategies get 65+ 79+

PTE Speaking Practice tips tricks strategies get 65+ 79+

Here, I am going to share with you PTE Speaking Practice Tips, trick, strategies and how to do PTE Speaking practice in an effective way. As we know that  PTE(Pearson test of English) is a language proficiency test, it tests our English language via four modules i.e. Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. Though PTE has combined scoring system, its speaking module has some scores of Writing and Listening. Similarly, its Writing module’s task has some Reading’s score and Reading module’s tasks have writing’s score. Even Listening module has score of Writing module. These four modules have further tasks to evaluate our efficiency to speak, write, read and listen English. Here, we will talk about Speaking tasks, their tips, tricks and strategies, and how can we do speaking practice in effective way so that we can get 90 out of 90 score in Speaking Module. We will discuss about it in further paragraphs.

Firstly, Speaking Module comes at first in exam. In other words, Speaking Module will come at first in exam. From starting, you will be told about its tasks and about the given time to complete it. After reading it, you have to press next and your exam will start. As I told you in upper paragraph that Speaking module has also marks of Reading and Listening. Here I am going to tell you briefly through a table that how many tasks in speaking and which task has marks of which module. Look at the below:

Speaking Tasks

Task Name

No. of items

Marks in Speaking

Marks in Reading

Marks in Listening

Read aloud

7-8 22 22

Repeat Sentence

8-10 12 20

Describe image

7-8 22

Retell Lecture

2-3 28 10

Answer short question

10 10 6


Speaking Practice tips, tricks, strategies

According to the given detail in table, we can see that Read aloud comes first in exam and it has maximum marks of Speaking and Reading. Similarly, Retell lecture has many marks of Speaking and Listening. Repeat sentence has maximum marks of Listening along with Speaking.

Describe image has only but higher marks of Speaking. So, how can we get all these maximum scores easily? Do we need to do so much practice to get these marks? No, there is no need to do so much practice in order to get 90 out of 90 marks in PTE. All you just have to use some useful Tips, tricks, strategies. These strategies can easily get you 90 out of 90 marks in Speaking Module. I will share these useful tricks with you topic wisely. Look at the below:

Read aloud- In Read aloud, we will get a paragraph of 40 to 60 words. We will have 40 seconds to prepare it. Then, we have to speak it within 40 seconds. We will get 7-8 paragraphs of Read aloud. In order to get full marks in it, you have to use these tricks

1. Prepare whole paragraph carefully. Check sentence lengths, set your rhythm according to full-stop, come, highlighted words.

2. Find out which words’ pronunciation is making your fluency bad. Try to speak that 2 or 3 times.

3. If possible, try to speak paragraph loudly in practice time too. It helps you to complete all this points and you will understand all about the paragraphs.

4.While recording, speak the paragraph fluently, nervelessly, tension-freely. The main thing to remember always. Don’t loose your fluency marks just to refine your pronunciation. Because Speaking module gives higher marks of overall speaking from fluency.

5.Pronunciation doesn’t matter too much in it. So, stay fluently while speaking no matter how your pronunciation is. Here is no need to get higher marks in pronunciation to 90 marks in Speaking. But your fluency score must be 90 if you want to get 90 score in Speaking.

Repeat Sentence- In repeat sentence, a sentence of 8 to 14 words will play. You have to listen in carefully. After listening, you have to speak what you heard. There will be no preparation time given for this task. You will have 10 seconds to give your response.

To get full marks in Repeat sentence. You have to increase your short-term memory as well as listening skills. While practicing, you have to focus on these things-

  1. Close your eyes, listen the sentence carefully.
  2. Try to understand the meaning of it.
  3. Don’t open your eyes just after listening to it. Try to speak in your mind and find what you are missing.
  4. Then speak it in mike fluently, without any hesitation, humming or repetition.
  5. You have to do practice on  at-least 50 repeat sentence daily in order to get 90 out of 90 in it.

Describe image- In Describe image, a picture is shown on your screen and you will have 25 seconds to prepare for what you will describe about it. After it, you will be given 40 seconds to record your response. You will get 6-8 images in exam. Follow upcoming tips to get full marks in it.

  1. Watch the information carefully and find out about what the information has provided.
  2. Then prepare about years, factors, trends whatever in image.
  3. Then prepare what is increasing or decreasing in it.
  4. Speak all the content about which the data given is.
  5. You just have to speak this data to get full marks in speaking.

Retell lecture- In Retell Lecture, you will get a lecture of at-least 1:30 to 2:00 minutes. After it, you will be given 10 seconds to prepare a summary of what you learnt. Then, you will have 40 seconds to record your response. 2 or 3 Retell Lecture will come in exam. Here is the tips of it:

  1. Prepare your Notebook and marker before the lecture.
  2. Firstly, find out about what the lecture is.
  3. Close you eyes, and listen the paragraph carefully.
  4. While listening, write down some key-words which can help you to remember the basic idea which is given in Retell Lecture.
  5. At preparation time, look out your keywords and remember all the ideas through it.
  6. At the time of recording, speak out every idea you remember from the lecture.
  7. While listening, just try to get the main ideas instead of getting examples.
  8. You have to practice on at-least 8 to 10 Retell Lecture daily in order to improve your listening skill and consciousness.

Answer Short Question- In this task, you will be asked a question of which your have to give an answer in one word. You will have 10 seconds to record your response. 10 short questions will come in exam.

In this task, you just have to speak anything if you don’t know the right answer. Because this task also has 6 marks of listening. So, if you don”t know the right answer. Then, speak anything. It will surely  cut your speaking marks due to the wrong answer but give you marks of listening because you understand the sentence and response to it. There are so many Answer short questions provided in our website. You can listen them because they can come in exam.

So, here is all the important PTE Speaking tips tricks strategies to get 65+ 79+ in this module easily. If you have any question, please write down in comment section. We will there for you shortly. Thank you.

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